What sex are is this auto

Can anyone tell me if they think this is a male or female. This plant is 7 weeks old and my other 2 are budding and I don’t want mess them up.

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Not seeing anything definitive yet that would suggest either.


Think maybe just slower to reach flower than the other 2 I have? Should I keep it in the tent for now?

@Jpenn welcome to the community like @BobbyDigital said is to early to known and autoflowers do they think when they want

I’m not seeing any male parts but maybe to early. But you said they are autos so unless you stressed them out, or go screwed by whoeveryou got your seeds from they should be female, give it some more time and they will let you know, keep us posted, you can tell this forum is all about some help, good luck

Check each node for sex with a magnifying glass or loupe.

I had a BB do something like that. Flowered as a female, but buds were terrible looking. Flowered her for an extra month. Finally I couldn’t look at her anymore. She was f***ed up.