What setup to buy for garage grow


A question from a fellow grower:

My wife and I, 57 and 50, want to start growing in the garage….small, but serious. We’ve been to three stores and are just overwhelmed with all the options……in hardware AND materials. Wattage……size…….technology differences….it’s SO hard for a novice to know what the best way is. I’m PRAYING you can maybe help us……know what to buy, what not to buy, from whom, possibly……and how much to pay.


Sure, you say small so you want a tent, decide what size tent, or if you want one for veg and one for flower

Do you want LEDs or hid lights, you have to make a decision on this if heats an issue hid will warm the area, but if it’s already hot LED might be best

Also I recommend soil for beginners, Fox Farm ocean forest in 3 or 5 gallon pots works well, hopefully this will be a start or at least some food for thought

  • best of luck!


i would suggest looking through the forum here at what others are doing and incorperate this with their needs and ideas. that withen itself will save time and money…just my thoughts


I agree with @Paranorman
Tents will be easier to set up and the two tent is a great way to go
Great points on lights soil and nutrients :+1:
When sizing light look for around 50 watts per square foot of grow space and always use actual watts draw for sizing example a300 watt led may only draw 147 watts so you would use 147 number to size light
@BIGE made a good point to if you check out a few threads on grow room builds you may get some awesome ideas
Amazon is a great resource for indoor growing
You can always Compare prices locally
Good luck and welcome


what is it like in the garage with temperatures?
can you heat and cool the grow area as needed to keep the temps in their sweet spot?

start small, get comfortable with growing, get more equipment as you learn.
2 grow areas is a good target like @Paranorman mentioned.

up to $1000 can be considered a starter budget, tent, lights, nutrients, test equipment…there are basics required and lots of toys to choose from.
Decide on your budget…try to buy the best you can afford, you’ll only be wasting money if you are serious about growing if you don’t.


Definitely need to think about keeping plants cool. I grow inside my walk-in closet in my bedroom and had to tap into my ac system to keep Temps down. Even with 2 6"inch exhaust fans. I only run 3 600 watt mars hydro lights and 8 150w cfls on 6 plants and had heat issues till I added ac