What seeds are these?

So I just got my seeds and before I germ, could someone tell me which strains they are?

  1. AA02-04-10

  2. AA02-06-01

  3. AA04-06-03

All thats on the little bags are these numbers and letters.

My reciept also only shows their accounting numbers.

I would like to know which is which for my first grow.

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First bubba Kush fem
Second blue dream fem or blue haze fem from looks
Third pure indica fem

If u didn’t look already this is what I come up with on this

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I got the Indica mix pack. It’s supposed to have. Indica, Granddaddy Purple and Bubba Kush. All were supposed to be feminized seeds. I got all feminized seeds except from the Granddaddy Purple. So it appears I got seeds I didn’t pay for but didn’t get the seats I did pay for.

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Contact ILGM store support. I am sure they will make it right.


Yeah, sometimes mix ups can happen! As Storm said, contact their customer support with your order number and let them know the Granddaddy Purple seeds appear to have gotten mixed up with something else. They will help set you straight. :slight_smile:

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@Zbalata01 Those are not numbers that identify the seeds. You are looking for a 3 letter code followed by a F or a FA for female or female autoflower, followed by “P” and quantity of seeds in packet.

For example

DOS-FP20 is dos-si-dos feminized pack of 20

GDP-FP5 would be granddaddy purple fem 5 pack
PUI-FP5 pure indica fem 5 pack
BBK-FP5 is Bubba Kush fem 5 pack

If you got autoflower seeds it would be GDP- FAP5

If you got 10 instead of 5 it would be GDP-FAP10

Check the link above :arrow_up: :wink:

I checked, the second seed pack is Grandaddy Purple Fem.

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Figuring out the three letter code is much easier than looking up a bunch of random numbers on a table.

Assuming the code was included on the package or is legible. I assumed since OP posted the string of numbers, that’s what they had as a legible tag.

All are right but the one is GDP not the haze. The numbers they gave are bin numbers for the seeds so same deal but diff way of looking them up. Just go on the site Graysin posted and look for the. Umbers there super easy lol. On the seed baggie tho should be a white sticker and it should say gdpfp5 or gdpaf5 ect one would be auto flower the other is fem photos