What seeds are next?

Hey all, got some serious improvements made to my grow operation.

1 new 4x8 tent
2 new HLG lightin
3 old grow room now veg only.
4 new cloning station
5 mother tent fit for 2 or 3 mothers.

But what has me stumped is what seeds to order next. I want to make this next order an ILGM order only.

Im thinkng,

Widow mix pack
Patriot mix pacj
Big bud.

I really wanted to get cinderella 99 but dont see it o. ILGM.

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Banana Kush will be my next ILGM purchase, smoked some late last year and it was very nice. I’ve never been impressed with Big Bud, always found it a bit weak, great yields though.


I made a list based on difficulty so as I progress my skills. I can move down the list and Mark any that I really prefered. It’s a long list.


Yea, the big bud ai t as strong but its a nice casual smoke makes a good bong rippin strain.

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