What seed,plant is the strongest that grows. And my seeds are brown white

What does that mean

Is this a riddle of some kind? Not sure I understand the question.

Are you asking which seeds/plants are the easiest to grow? If so, you can find a list of beginner seeds here:
ILGM beginner seeds

I chose to go with White Widow as my first grow, as it seems to be a very popular, easy first grow. I also chose auto-flowering because those appear to be a little more forgiving to the beginner.

As far as the seeds being brown and white… it would be helpful if you could upload a photo.

If you download the ILGM Marijuana Grow Bible, there is a photo on page 10 that shows the mottled look seeds typically have.

Seeds come in many colors. No reason to concern. Unless you have a batch and a few have very light green coloring and the majority are a diff color.

Your post is confusing us as to what your question if any is.