What scrog do you use?

I am a journeyman instrument and electrical technician been working in the field since the 80s traveling all over the country. I like the stands

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Is retirement as good as I think it’s going to be I am planning on working about 2 more years.

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I retired about five years earlier than planned to care for my wife (struggling with memory loss).

I certainly enjoy being a big fat goof off LOL.
You might get a kick out of a couple of photos of the control system for my grow rooms. Over the next few weeks I am adding another flower area which entails PLC expansion/programming and more screens to configure on the HMI. Current have twelve screens for monitoring, control, setpoints and what not.

Will be adding two more I/O modules for the new flowering area.

Wiring is a bit of a mess as I prepare for the upgrades.


I’m jealous of ppl that can look at that box (which looks like my junk drawer) and make sense of it…in case no one told you today you have MAD SKILLS imho

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Hey man I like it I guess it don’t hurt to bring your job home with you.

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You would be surprised at how simple it really is. With just a few minutes of “show and tell” you could likely build something like this yourself. The programming part might take a week or two to learn with some good instruction.

In addition to my work with control systems, I also taught industrial controls for a number of years. Pretty easy after you learn a few basics.

Yup Merlin, you have skills my guy. :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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I’m gonna learn all kinds of skills growing this plant…too bad I’m an impatient cuss

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Growing cannabis will cure this ROFLMAO


As will CURING marijuana :joy::rofl:


SCROG Bill Of Materials and Cut List

This design is specific to growing in 10 gallon pots (fabric and plastic)

NOTE: Adjust sizes to meet your specific needs

Base Unit
(1 ea) 22" X 22" X 1/2" plywood
(5 ea) 1" swivell casters
(4 ea) 1/2" PVC 90 degree elbow
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC “T”
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC 45 degree elbow
(4 ea) 3/4" cross
(8 ea) 3/4->1/2 reducer bushing
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 9" long - lower base frame
(4 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 20 1/2" long - upper base frame supports
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 6 3/4" long - upper base frame
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 3 1/2" long - upper base frame

(4 ea) 1/2" PVC “T”
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC 45 degree elbow
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 14" long - SCROG frame
(8 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 4" long - SCROG frame
(4 ea) 1/2" PVC pipe 16" long - SCROG frame vertical supports

You will need about four 10’ pieces of 1/2" PVC pipe for each setup that you build.

Four of the casters will be attached near the corners of the plywood base and the fifth caster will be attached in the center of the plywood and will have washers placed between the caster flange and the plywood to make the center wheel a tiny bit taller than the corner wheels. This is done to make rotating easier.

The lower base frame is attached to the plywood with wood screws but you could use pipe straps as well.

The “SCROG frame vertical supports” have 1/4" holes drilled every 4" for the adjustment pins.

Use twine or string for the actual screen. Either install 1/2" sheet metal screws or drill holes every 3" - 4" for the twine/string.

One last thing that I did was to put screws at each “corner” around both the frames and strung twine very tightly to hold everything together. I did this rather than glueing so that I could easily modify or store the SCROG frames.

If the assembly of these parts is not clear from looking at the photos, I will describe the assembly process. Just let me know…

Here is a photo of the base units and you can see the SCROG frames leaning against the wall. The vertical supports of the SCROG frame slide into the 3/4" tees.


Very Cool!! Thanks a bunch! I’m gonna do it! Mine are a couple weeks till there done enough and I’ll see about getting g it up and running for the next one! I’ve done the same here, lurked and read ALOT, all my ideas have been super refined here in this forum! Love the center caster idea, with the pic and the explanation it should go pretty well! I’ll let you know!!

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When I move the next batch into the flower room, I will raise the pots onto wire racks with the drip trays slid in below. That will make monitoring runoff and removing runoff much easier.

The adjustable top frame makes this super easy to do without any need to modify the SCROG frames in any way. Just move the adjusting pins to the next set of holes, good to go!


Yeah, I just edited again after I looked a lot closer! I see how you got the drainage now. But yeah I really this set up!I’ll be going to Lowes sometime in the next couple days!! LOL


You might save a few dollars by purchasing really cheap casters at Harbor Freight or some similar low end tool/hardware supplier. The casters don’t see any really hard duty but I did find that lubricating them with some silicone spray lube really made them work better.

If you go with Lowe’s or Home Depot (for casters) be prepared to spend a few bucks on wheels.

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Got a HF not 4 miles! Great idea. For them, I usually spend way too much time money I there! Lol…atleast that what She says! Hahaha

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@merlin44 project manager, engineer, purchasing? Which is your job?

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I went back and forth between project management and design engineer. Later more of a hands on engineer before retiring.

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@merlin44 I need the master cam file for that build dwg!

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@helppleze come take a peek. And find a mentor. Type @ (whoever name) on your journal and you can snag some attention.

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