What scrog do you use?

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So my dilemma is, I’ve never ran a scrog and wild like to have a go. Sick and tired of supporting, defoliating, and maintaining a canopy that’s impossible to keep in a decent order while doing day to day work.

What scrog would you all recommend that would give the ability to be used multiple times.

I prefer to try in one 4x4 tent then if it’s effective and efficient enough I’ll add to the other systems

mine is just a simple PVC frame with masonry line that I can just cut out when it’s time and re string it. I like what @Myfriendis410 does with the individual SCROGS it will allow you to keep and even canopy but seems like it would be easier to deal with multiple plants.


I use the nylon 6” it’s like basketball net material. The problem with 6” is you end up doing a double most of the time. One to spread and one to support. I guess it might happen with 4” too. I don’t like wire mesh because you have to chop above it and you can’t manipulate it personally. I just zip tie mine to the corners and trim around the fan. Here’s a photo of a single I did when I was dirt farming super silver haze.


This one is very close to the one I use. Perfect.


Do those hooks actually work? The haze pushed on the zip ties I had cranked down and were trying to raise the net on me. Plus I’ve got a little backwoods desire to use zip ties and gorilla tape on everything.

I use 3/4inch PVC. NOTHING glued. Screws every 4inches, nylon string around screws


Yep this is pretty much my set up. Just bigger PVC is all.

Hoping when I grow up I can fill a screen like that some day!!!


Have you flipped lights yet? Have you done a SCROG before?

No I have not this is my first grow. Flipping in about 2 weeks

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I built a scrog but used it to fix a hole in the fence where mt dog keeps escaping lmao

My boy @TDubWilly is a grest scrog grower and @Myfriendis410 has some awsome portable scrog’s


@TDubWilly taught me @Mrcrabs


I normally run one plant under a 4x4 scrog. I get my net about 60% full, then flip lights. They stretch A LOT


Next grow im going to try an outdoors scrog, yes I’ve seen your scrogs @Grandaddy013 very impressive, you had a great teacher, also @merlin44 has a great scrog game


Can’t forget @merlin44 when it comes to scrogs. He has some of the coolest ones

Edit: @Mrcrabs beat me to it

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I believe @Myfriendis410 did some outside scrogs. Very well I might add

Thry are portable, very clever fella, gets the best of both worlds, he can bring them indoors if the weather gets bad, amazin results

Im sure we left out a few but they will be crawling out the woodwork, @Bobbydigital

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It helps to be in a legal state. I am not so fortunate

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In aint either, you only live once, is my motto,
Plus if it happens jail time is an experience that i belive everyone should go thru at least once, makes you appreciate the little things, in life, plus in texas i might do 30 days timed served for growing, yeee haaaaw ,
Some people march to the beat of there own drum, but mrcrabs has his own personal DJ, mixing beats


Thanks for the shout out @Mrcrabs @Bobbydigital

If anyone is interested, here is a photo of my SCROG frames. They are on casters which allow me to move them around for pruning and inspections plus I rotate them 180 degrees half way through each day period.
The actual SCROG frame is adjustable in height as well.

This photo was taken when I moved the plants into the main room and put the frames on.

This is what it looked like a few days ago (35 days after flipping):

I am still working on getting a nice even canopy, a work in progress.