What’s Your Thoughts

This is my first post, And my first ever attempt at growing. I’ve been researching and reading for the past year before I started anything. I wanted my first grow to be outdoors. So far I think everything in my mind is going well on her. There has been no LST Just some tucking.
She is in day 34. She is a purple punch auto. Any thoughts on how she’s doing would be very appreciate it.


Hi and welcome to the group. What you posted looks good to me but a pic of the entire plant would help.

I’m sure others can join in with suggestions with more pics

Welcome. This is a great group


Hey! I got one on the deck that looks just like it!
Welcome to the forum @BroncoBob
She looks good. You’ll get some nice buds off her.


Full plant picture.



I think your plant looks fine and especially for your first grow. We all improve with each grow. It would be boring if we nailed it the first time.

I’m sure you know you are in flower (sorry to state the obvious).

Do you have it in a location that gets lots of direct sunlight. As much as possible?

You have a good ways to go before harvest. Something to look forward to in the fall.

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I appreciate it! Yes she gets a lot of direct sunlight. I just have her up on the porch right now because we’re in the middle of a downpour. I started out with 5. Three of them died because my heavy hand watering the seedlings. I also have one that resembles a bonsai tree that was started about a week after this one. But your absolutely right this is all a learning curve before I invest in indoor production.

I’d say every grower here has killed seedlings when first starting. Lord knows I did.

Keep reading and learning as you are doing.

Speaking of bonsai, I have one going now with an extra seedling. Just for fun. I know I’m not gonna get anything out of it but still fun. It’s planted over a large sea shell that will be exposed later when fully mature