What’s your Grow Zone? And, what strains do you grow?


According to the Arbor Foundation I’m in Grow Zone 5b in the USA. My grow partner and I have grown Fem. White Widow & Purple Kush with some success thanks to the wonderful people here :grinning:. Sadly we did harvest early due to rain rain rain & managed to avoid bud rot, but we still have some good herb!
I’m in the process of ordering seeds and trying to choose the best options for my Zone. Maybe this topic will be helpful to other beginner outdoor growers :thinking:


I’m in zone 7 and looking for something like Strawberry Kush, mine done great last year. I’m an outdoor grower too.


i’m in 7-8 on the line…lol i have grown outdoors but not much,my wife does not like it when i do…lol
white widow and northern lights loved outside!


Had to go look it up. 6 here, barely. But I don’t grow outside sorry.


We’re in the same zone @SmoknGranny 5b


Awesome. My outdoor grow window starts April 26 thru October something supposedly :crazy_face:. I’m going to have to order my photos soon :grimacing:


Zone 9 for me. That means my girls are outside RIGHT NOW, getting rained on lol.


Better than snowed on :rofl:


Yeah, but this is the first actual rain in over 200 days!


I’m strictly indoor right now however me and the wife are going to start looking at country living


I’d love to have you as a neighbor :smiley: but Lord knows when, if ever, this state goes legal :cry:


Zone 6 for me but I can’t grow it outside here :frowning: I sure would love to though.


9b here. I wasn’t aware this was even a thing. Good info though!


I was trying to find out the preferred planting time for Cannabis on the Better Homes and Gardens website lmao!


@Myfriendis410 Nice! Cannabis does make for a better home, and garden! :smile:


Yeah I don’t think that you’re gonna find it there. I think I found mine on the USDA site for tomatoes :tomato: in my state :rofl:


I didn’t look and see where all the 5b covered just put in my zip code. We’re probably closer than either of us will ever know lmbo


Could you specify the climate ? Like is there specific rain season ( California) or is it rain on and off whole summer ?
There are some 40-50 days flowering photo strains which finished here at my spot in middle of September…


I am in zone 9
Grew blueberry and northern lights autos from September - December in a small greenhouse
Temp swings were rediculous up to 130F and as low as 30F the plants did not seem to mind at all.
Curently sprouted 2 Super Skunk gifted seeds in the greenhouse with a small heater and supplementing light with a 300w galaxy hydro led
But starting in February I will be planting 12 plants in open air outdoor 4 gold leaf 4 super silver haze and 4 purple haze
Probably a bit ambitious but I am confident in some of the skills I have attained through the recent first grow but even more confident in the information and guidance I get here!!


Zone 4 in New England. Strawberry Cough came nowhere near finishing for me outdoors. Northern Light and Hash Plant came in well before frost. No Sativas for me …