What’s your favourite old skool strain?


I’ve been messing heavy with Jack Herer of late, great stuff!


Northern Lights or Acapulco Gold for old school

THC Bomb or Super Lemon Cheese for my new fav

(Super Lemon Cheese)


@1BigFella Ah another SD hippie!! Did you go to the first ‘Love-in’ at the Cove? Do you remember The Hippodrone (sp) in Pt Loma? That’s where Iron Butterfly got started and probably ended. Those were the good old daze! :woman_farmer:t4:


I was probably a little late on the scene. I graduated HS in 1968, so a lot of hippie stuff had already happened. My HS nerd crowd didn’t become stoners until after graduation.


It seems to me that I would write an essay about some sort of strain, where it’s easier to order it in some kind of service. I ordered it in the service Uni Tutor. They wrote pretty much everything I needed and I did not have to spend my time on it. Plus the worth of the essay is not expensive. So it’s worth pondering


So old school is sort of a funny thing. And it sort of depends on when you became affiliated with cannabis.

Can’t really settle so here’s our grouping:

White widow
Super silver haze


Hello all, a lot of nice strains! My favorite is and will always be is Jack Herer! It has a nice spicy taste with a lasting buzz. It is a great medicine. I do love :two_hearts: Alcapuloc Gold as well. Good Columbia gold came in 30 grams to and ounce and it had so many seeds. I wish I had saved some. Mike


My brother and I got some Acapulco gold one time that was so much better then any Acapulco gold we had ever seen it was sticky as hell and solid buds almost no seeds gold and red I took two bong hits and got so high I was hallucinating. An lb cost us $400.00 witch was really a lot of money for a lb at the time. It sold so fast I wish we could’ve kept more of it for ourselves. Never could get any of it again after that. I’ve seen a lot of good weed baught and grown since then and still haven’t seen anything like that stuff.


I grew-up smoking mexican brick weed. Lol! Didn’t really get to try proper weed until college (mid 90’s), when people would brag about this or that strain. I remember trying White Rhino & thinking to myself, “meh, not for $30 a gram.”

Fast forward to moving to Alaska 18 years ago, and no matter what you get, it’s some high-grade sensi magic weed. This was even before the shops. I mean, it costs a premium price, but I didn’t mind paying it, especially for Shiva.


Hello all! I remember that Mexican brick weed. It was full of seeds and we used a school lunch tray for cleaning it. My all time favorite is Jack Herer also G-13 haze. I remember lousy Columbian pot and it to was loaded with seeds, brake out the lunch tray! Mike


Good old Mexican! Bone dry, with more seed and stem then actual flower.

This was our starting point when in the States. However Canada always had nice no name “kine bud”.