What’s your favourite old skool strain?


This may have been done before (if it has I can’t find it) but with all this talk about pheno, geno, gmo & old skool strains, it got me thinking about the strains I used to get when I was in high school & which were my favourite. Now whether these are real or not is another thing, maybe my dealer was just makin stuff up, but I really liked Bubblegum, Thai Buddha & one I had that he called Mango buds (don’t know if these are just an Aussie thing or not) & the natural progression on this thought journey (while buzzed of course) was that I wondered what all of your favourite strains were back when you started smoking? I’m really interested to know. I remember the first time that I experienced Skunk & Norther Lights, but I’m struggling to remember any others so fire away with your old skool memories. (I just realised this may be a problem for some of us, I know I’m already struggling to remember, hahaha)


@Buds007 ilgm has bubblegum! Im growing it right now!


@VelcroThumb, yeah I’ve seen that & I’m very tempted to get that & Northern Lights, but Skywalker & Strawberry Cough have caught my eye too. I just want to grow all of them, hahaha!


@Buds007 i have the fruity mixpack going and the patriot mixpack going. Also ordered the auto mixpack, and i won the essay contest so i have a $99 credit to store! Beem eyeing that skywalker (its a great smoke) but also that super lemon looks tasty! Kid in a candy store!!!@@


@VelcroThumb totally like that dude, I get on there at least once a day & just read about all the strains. :+1:


I just grew a Northern Lights plant and it is kick-ass weed. Two hits and quit for me, but I’m a light weight. ILGM has seeds in normal, feminized, and auto. You can’t go wrong. 7 ounces dry weight inside under a 400 watt HPS bulb. First grow in 40 years.


I would love to get my hands on some of the old school BC King Bud! That’s was the best in my days :wink:


@Buds007 I Loved the Columbian strains. Both the red and gold were great smoke. Also Acapulco gold was as C & C said “bad ass weed”. I think that’s what Robert has come up with in Gold Leaf. Something close to Acapulco Gold.


I am growing Skywalker OG now and it looks promising. My all time favorite is AK-47. My first big grow was in my 2x4x5 foot tent. I had one AK-47 and two White Widow. The one AK outgrew the both WW and gave me 5 mason jars full of buds when it was over.


My favorite strains in high school where Colombian Gold and Panama Red. I remember just sitting in the middle of my driveway stoned out of my gourd and looking at the 2 bags of weed that I had (One ounce of each). The colors where so brilliant.

I also loved the Blond Lebanese Hash we would get occasionally. I just made my own hash last weekend and that brought back a lot of memories.


Oh man @skgrower, I totally forgot about Acapulco Gold, wow that takes me back! :blush:

& Lebanese Blonde Hash is also one I forgot about @MAXHeadRoom. That just reminded me of the first time I had that & ended up sleeping for a day & a half & I totally missed my baseball grand final, I woke up two hours after it finished. I played catcher so I got in a lot of trouble from the coach & he dropped me back to AA, took me three years to get back up to AAA. :confounded:

I should actually put that story into the “I got so stoned” thread, hahaha. :smile:


All those Mexican kilo bricks we saw back in the 70’s were FULL of seeds. I remember once I got a bag of sansemilla from a big dealer’s girlfriend and it was so powerful I was amazed. I thought it must be laced with something, but it was just Mexican sativa raised by somebody who actually knew something about growing good weed. I wonder if some of those old premium strains would be as good as the new ones if somebody raised them right.

We never got indicas in the US back then, so that would be missing. Guys came back from Viet Nam with stories about legendary weed, but we never got any.


Speaking of cultural things, Disjointed Season 2 is on Netflix now. Funny show about life in a Dispensary with a few old-school types included in the mix.


ILGM has some strains that have some of the Asian Indica that the guys I knew from Vietnam talked about. They would tell me about pot that the buds were almost black. I had some badass stuff from Asia when I was in the Navy. I saw some incredible skunk come from Mexico in the 70s that’s for sure. I have had some of their finest weed back in the day, but it don’t hold a candle to some of the stuff we can grow now. Where I live you can’t sell Mexican weed anywhere now. No one wants it. @Buds007, I remember softball sized Lebanese hash that people from Spain were always trying to sell us sailors. That was back in the Reagan era, so we knew better than to get caught with that. 20 years in Leavenworth. I smoked plenty of it though.


I think legal recreational weed for anyone 21 and over has destroyed the Mexican weed market in California and Nevada. Just like they claimed it would!

I also think lots of folks are growing in California and just giving it away to friends and neighbors in need.


Now this may predate me, Acapulco Gold, Oaxacan, Panama Red, ‘Sensimillia’ or something like that, and basically anything we could get our ‘lips’ on. My first time was in 1966, never looked back, still going at 70! A bonafide dope smoking hippie as we used to be called LOL :woman_farmer:t4:


Thai sticks, honey oil and maavolous hash! :woman_farmer:t4:


Ah another ‘oldie’ Those were the daze!


I first smoked in 1968. We never got any of that primo stuff. But I remember being mighty high at free concerts in Balboa Park. It’s all kind of a blur to me now!


I chose my first strain thanks to this application https://cannasos.com/strains/sativa/super-sour-diesel . My first experience was strength. I felt happy and it was so fun. My body was filled with energy and my head with euphoric cerebral buzz. Now I want to try something else, but I haven’t decided yet what to try the next. Any suggestions?