What’s your EC/PPM?

I am wondering what everyone is shooting for with there EC? Or PPM? Like how much during
Seedling stage:
Early VEG:
Mid-Late VEG:
Early flower:
Mid flower:
Late flower:
If you use BIG BUD or any additives like that what week do you add them?
How hard have you pushed a plant with nutes? 1500ppm? 2000ppm? 3000ppm?
I am Just asking because I feel like my girls aren’t getting enough nutrients. I don’t want to overdue it. But I’ve gone through 3 crops now and not once seen nute burn or even “painted nails” that much. I am using the suggested feeding chart that has me feeding at about 1400ppm every other day or so with 2 or 3 feedings and then a water and kleanse watering. I’m just wondering if you’ve all had plants that were heavy feeders and had to push them a little harder? Thanks :pray:t5:


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My last grow was an extremely heavy feeder. I had to give her double doses of Jacks to keep her runoff PPM at 1,000.

My opinion: bloom boosters are unnecessary and I’d go as far as to call them “snake oil.” All bloom boosters are is a stronger solution of P and K that is already in the product you already use. If you want the effect of “bloom boosters,” just feed more of your nute line’s PK product. Many bloom boosters are very salty. You will be introducing less salts into your grow medium doing this and will still achieve the effect you are looking for. Adding bloom boosters may result in a mineral salt buildup that submarines root zone pH.


Was doing 1000 - 1200ppm but last two feedings been up to 1500. My highest yet. GH floranova bloom. Im gonna try higher and expect to have problems cuz my lights a blurple. Does it make sense I’ll need more light to match more food at some point

Yes. Plants that get more light can be pushed harder with nutes.