What’s wrong WW?

This is my first time growing white widow and I planted on March 13… I don’t know when to harvest? Can somebody help I newbie out?

@Bluesgarden You’re in luck looks like it’s time for you to harvest. Is your Guide that will help you do that. It’s packed with all the info you will need. Are you happy? It’s almost time to enjoy the fruits of your lady’s. Just click on these words in blue, “When Is The Right Time to Harvest Marijuana Plants - ILGM”

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I would invest in a jeweler’s loupe so that you may check trichomes. They are the best indicator in when to harvest, though your girl does look like she’s getting close, but still has white pistils. I’d hold off a little while longer if it were me.

They have many on amazon. If you have a smartphone, this one is by far my favorite:



I second the jewlers loupe. It’s the safest way to know when to harvest or not without guessing.


@Draco1 Thank you very much I am excited! Going to try another girl soon!

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Thank you . Gonna order one!!

@beautifulL0V3 Nice, thanks for suggesting it. I looked into it on Amazon, and you are right… The one you suggested, is the best one I saw… So, I ordered it. It be here 6-26-20.

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It’s awesome. Takes a second to get it right when you use it on your phone but it’s great!

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Yep I already got it already tested it. Thanks,works great. @beautifulL0V3