What’s wrong with these clones

Hi there I have a few clones 3 blue cheese clones and few other strains a couple skunks and some candys too ,but the blue cheese clones r showing a deficiency of some kind , I had the same problem with the mother but managed to rectify it , using Epsom salts but took a while , she the mother was from seed and still hasn’t finished yet
The cuttings were propagated in Rockwool cubes and then transplanted them about 7 days ago into coco
Anyway here are some pictures


Looks like heat or light issues need temp rh light used ex. She look green but waxy

Happens from being too humid after theyve been rooted they will bounce back u could even top them just bellow the frizzly leaves and the new growth should be good

Thanks guys , even though they have only just rooted ? The waxy look the mother had also till about 4 weeks old or till 3 weeks into flower

Yeah I had them in a esky with a couple 30 watt fluroes over them and a towel over that as it’s winter here in syd Australia

Hey mate it’s great to see another fellow Aussie on this site. If I could put in my 2 cents in I would suggest a bigger space,stronger light,and some air flow to avoid Mould and bugs :bug: trust me been there.
Also, just wondering where you get your seeds from if you don’t mind me asking?

Cheers Mate

They’re showing signs of late stage nitrogen deficiency, perhaps a little calcium nitrate (CaNO3) would help.

But that’s without seeing the roots and their overall condition.

I use clear plastic cups covered with black plastic cups to keep the roots in darkness. To examine the root system I remove them from their black plastic cups and it’s like a window to “down stairs”.

Whey they’re nitrogen deficient could be attributed to allot of things.

The roots should be white and fuzzy, not brown, amber, or dead.


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Yeah haven’t bought seeds in over a year but last time was from Herbie seed shop England

Yeah it’s weird , am using house and garden coco and as soon as transplanted the mother into it it started , also using decent nutes Dutch fest and didn’t seem to help , and I have other plants different strains and using exactly same everything and they seem fine , with these cuttings and with the mother , that’s why I thought maybe something to do with the strain , it’s barneys farm , I had trrrible problems with there Girl Scout cookies x oh Kush very unstable , went hermie and seeded itself 5 different seeds and all heavily seeded in 2 different rooms , only reason I have there strains again was I bought at same time . Never using them again

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I have them in a container moving them between 2 rooms that both in flower and they only just transplanted into pots so it’s not about air flow or room yet but I will be putting them into 30 litre pots in about a week once they bit stronger , I only took pics of the blue cheese clones there is also delicious candy and skunk 1 clones and they seem ok , and yeah Pati it is great to see another Aussie on here , there r more of us than u think on here

Cheers mate :+1:

Hey buddy, what I use is coco water, check out my thread, cloning with aloe Vera, I just use straight coco water as nutrients, it should help with any deficiencies you have, mix 12.5 raw coco water into 32 oz of R.O water or rain water, you should see deficiency star to clear up

Hey mrcrabs
Where do u get straight coco water , buy it super market ? Is it high in mag ,cal , nitrogen or ? Do u know if it’s got hi ph or a ec value
Ta mate

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@RogerRammjet, good evening buddy,I get it straight from a coconut, I them mix 12.5 ml per quart of water, I don’t ph my water since I grow in organic living soil. I don’t have a ec meter, I have a tds meter, if that helps

Hey mrcrabs it is 11am here atm , I am not going to worry about the coco water mate , but thanks for the info !

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@RogerRammjet, it 6:45 over here at the moment, no problem at all buddy. Whatever method you use, I hope I gets worked out my friend, good luck on your growing, have a good afternoon