What’s wrong with my five week old clones

My friend gave me her clones that’s she has been growing

and I’ve been keeping them in 18/6 lighting and 50% humidity I have them potted in promix premium potting mix,

They look fine. However, they need 5+ gallons of pot n grow media. The one in the pot looks scrunched up, but will grow out of that after a week in 5 gallon container…with good grow media.

They are cannabis ruderalis plants so they are not meant to grow more then 30-50 cm and from my research a 12” pot will work okay and that’s what I am using for the brown pot but the leaves are slightly curling

yes, auto don’t require larger containers. good luck

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These plants have a mind of their own. I haven’t tried growing a Auto since my first mishap, but 30 to 50 cm is probably they will shock you.

I have one plant that wasn’t supposed to get taller than 30” and she made it past 60”. Just saying…sure she is a photo but the seed creator states 30” tall max.


The one in the pot is dealing with nitrogen toxicity, the leaf claw shows it. I know it’s an auto but I would definitely up the pot size or at least transplant and fill up the container. Better to have to much space then not enough.

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Thank you! I thought it could be that but I’m waiting on a shipment of nutrients as I currently am out, other then putting more soil in my pot, how can I fix it?

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What soil are you using? What’s your runoff ppm?

Promix premium potting soil, and this is my first time growing and these plants were kinda just sprung on me without any equipment, I’m not entirely sure what you mean by run off ppm

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Ok so if your in promix your gonna be running around 6.0ph. Your going to need to get a

PH pen
Ph up/down
TDS meter(measures your ppm)

You can get both on amazon for 20 bucks.

What nutrients are you planning on using?

i bought a ph meter today as well as PH up and down by root farm, and I’m supposed to be getting some nutrients from the same friend that gave me these, she doesn’t know what kind they are but I was going to Order the general Organics go box because I’ve heard good things about it

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I would ask around or see if you can find someone who runs that nutrient line. Just look up the feed schedule of your nutrients on google and you can follow along.

Will do, thank you for your help

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