What’s wrong with my autoflower?

I have a 30 day old amnesia haze auto . She is just really starting to take off now. While checking her today I saw this. Just started giving it bloom nutes to early? Nute burn?


Welcome to ILGM, it’s really hard to tell with the blurpuple light. Could you post it in natural light.


Thanks! I will try and get a pic without lighting tomorrow.

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Soo took her out of the tent to get a better picture. Best one I could take .

I see one leaf with some discoloration plant over all looks good. I also can see the new growth being a lighter color which is normal. I would keep taking care of her. Go a little easy on the nutes an see how she responds. Might be a good time to check your run off see what your numbers are make adjustments from there. Good luck