What’s wrong with me

What’s going on with me

She’s been planted in the ground since beginning of May in my flower bed. I have been noticing my leaves like this and some turn so I removed. There is no signs of bugs.

What shall I do

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Looks like you could have powdery mildew


If your not losing alot of leaf let it ride as your in full flower now

The leaf looks really wet, foliage looks dense. Looks like PM. Peroxide water mix I hear will take care of that. I’ll tag a more knowledgeable person @MidwestGuy hope you don’t mind the tag. Maybe he will chime in :crossed_fingers: good luck

Last time I had PM I used milk water. @yoshi recommended it

What’s the ratio I need of each

What is milk water is that something I make or buy

Some say spoiled milk works better but its literally just like a 50/50 mix of milk and water. It covers the surface so the PM can’t grow. I remember something about spray at lights on or off but can’t remember fully maybe one of the others can chime in there

Could be PM, especially if humidity is high and airflow is low. I’ve seen people use milk before, but I prefer a dilute mix (5:1) of peroxide.

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So I guess the ratio is 5:1, I don’t have any issues at the moment but I’m going to spray mine down as a preventative. I’ve lost some to PM and BR in the past. That being said I’ve always topped my plants but never pruned or defoliated them. I’m now seeing the benefits of both. Especially the defoliation and air flow​:+1: I’m going with the peroxide as IMO the milk may just attract unwanteds :person_shrugging: lots and lots of information here just see what works for you. :crossed_fingers:

1/4 of a cup of milk , don’t used skin milk as I found it to be very lacking in potassium as the whole milk or 2% milk . If you trying to get the full benefits of milk as a 2 for 1 , letting it ferment past expired date can be also a gnat deterrent and kill’s the larvae off and those that are hatched. So you get plant nutrition even if it’s expired and you cannot afford the other call brands are you don’t want to wait 7-10 days for shipping cause you partial not on the map as to longitude or latitude darn close , just the south east end of my place is found on satellite, awesome but yeah milk has some plant benefits as to like humans , we both grew from the dirt right , and plants are a living breathing thing , it feels , it listens :notes:, it moves , it adapts , and it needs light to feed just like us almost . Calcium and potassium and vitamins are in milk that are also in nutrients at certain ratios to the N.P.K. ratio , so don’t add the milk with nutrients , are you subject to burn them if one of those ratios become to high in the soil . So I always used my milk once in late veg and once in early flower and I always pour it in as a in between feeding watering , and I make sure to not feed after or before that watering until I’ve watered at least twice so the plain ph watering can act as a flushing the milk thoroughly through . You can used dry milk for outside plants :potted_plant:, I’ve never had a copperhead snake problem as some say , but I only apply it mainly twice , three time if I have a serious gnat infestations , but mainly it’s from miss managing your watering and over saturating organic soil and not having enough air holes are air moving through your soil are to help dry out the soil. I thought by adding the CMH/ LEC I would not have them as much , but my last grow of 4 , I was ah little disturb at myself knowing better, hopefully with the air injection method I’m experimenting with might be another piece to my setup as for as Organics soils and micro life which I do tons of reading on , I think it’s the easiest way once you learn and master your dirt !

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