What’s wrong still?


Ok going to get you set up with pics… :wink:
I couldn’t remember who i needed to get pics too… :grin:



Then how do I keep my water temp at 68F? If I don’t run it like that the temps go upwards of 72F+. I have the feed tube just going straight into the water not on the plant if that makes s difference


You had stated earlier that your roots were white; any chance we could get a natural light picture of the upper and lower plant?

The O/P was running a dripper still which would retard root development.


So if your not running pump and your water temps are rising… then we need to figure out a way to cool your air temps…
Air temps are way too high… :wink:



Here is the worst plant and root


Here is the best plant


My air temp is set at 75F should it be lower?


Yes , 70 deg air temp at canopy level …
Buckets shoulf be lower…
How do your water lines run…
Draw me a pic…
More than likely your system isn’t running correctly… we chang that and things get better…
Think pressure and valum… both are super important when it comes to rdwc… :grin:



Excuse my drawing. The lines coming out of each grow bucket have a 90 degree elbow that the hose hooks onto so it has to wrap around the bucket to go straight to the reservoir I’m going to the hardware store to find a straight barb to replace it with so I can have a straight line like the pic


I’ve turned my heater off about 2 hours ago, opened an air vent in the tent with a fan blowing in and still 74.6F. Any ideas besides air conditioner?


I’m sorry to see you having this problem. I too suffered with the dreaded root rot for 3 grows, till I learned what was going on. I bought a chiller for $400 and don’t regret it one bit. I have a 60gal system, so you could get a smaller one for less money.


I have received my chiller and it is hooked up since yesterday! 3 days ago I posted pics of my problems with the plant and roots. Now here they are again do the roots look like they are getting better? I know the plant has doubled almost since getting the ppm up and adding the peroxide


Wow, hell yeah that looks better and it’s like a totally different plant. The power of the forum has saved another life yet again.


Ya I also took the advice of more air in the buckets and bought a new air pump going from 571gph to 950gph and bigger air stones. I’m still having a problem with my bucket temps hanging around 69.7-70.5F. My res is at 65F. Running the auto feed just dumping into the bucket about 15 minutes every 4 1/2 hours. Any suggestions on how to get that down alittle only way I know of is to run the pump at closer intervals.


Are you running a RDWC? I run my pump all the time. I have my chiller set at 65 and it never gets over 67


Yes I’m running RDWC. Since installing my chiller and playing with the auto feed timer I’ve gotten it set around 68 steady now. I was just having people tell me not to run it except 15 minutes every 4-5 hours and that’s what was killing me on the temps


I run mine 24/7