What’s wrong still?


I had a calcium deficiency about 1 1/2 weeks ago and got it raised but following the guidelines at 5ml per gallon is what I did. I’m using bergmans growtime nutrients just started week 1 growtime this past Sunday. Last night I have noticed some new rust colored spots lower down the plant now and also starting to yellow spots on another plant. Any suggestions?


What is the pH, ppm’s, and how do the roots look?


I’ve added calmag to it to bring my ppm up to 558ppm. Ph is currently at 5.9 after adding the calmag. Roots look white from bottom most of the way up just right where they come out of the net pot they have a reddish tint but I think I may not have washed my clay pebbles good enough that’s the same color


What size air pump you running? Why no bubbles in the pic?


Because I lifted the stone out of the water. Not sure what size air pump it came with my RDWC kit it is a 4 outlet


Is your system DWC or RDWC? See if your air pump has a number referring to GPH. You may not be getting enough air to the roots, or that clay pebbles dust may be clogging your airstone. Hard to tell when everything is brown. @garrigan65 we need a second opinion.


I’m using an RDWC system It says max GPH 571


571 should be plenty. How is your reservoir looking and how many plants are in your system?


4 5 gallon buckets one plant in each reservoir looks good only other problem I ran into is waiting on my water chiller parts to get here. Using bottles filled with ice changing out in reservoir every hour to maintain temps between 68-69F. When I sleep for 5 hrs I put 3 two liters of ice in to hold it while I sleep



First I want to welcome you to ILGM " WELCOME FLUFFY " And welcome to our ever growing community some awesome fokes here and Im sure you have already met a few. Any way I have posted some info. for ya I hope it helps and tag me if you need anything else.

would help to know more about your setup such as dwc or drip feed, etc…
Usually if you have root rot, it means that your roots are suffocating in a sense. You need to make sure you roots are getting some oxygen to them. If you need to, put an airstone down in your reservoir to aerate you nutrients so that your roots can “breathe”. It is very critical that you do this to maintain a healthy root system. Also a
tablespoon or so of H20 from the drugstore per gallon (regular stuff from the band-aid section) works great. Use for a few days in a row it should get you cleared right up, it dissapates fast so you will have to add it at least every other day, then drain your nutes and make new fresh ones with like half as much H20 in it along with some vitamin B1 and seaweed extract…superthrive is your best bet for those two and it has some other very yummy bioactive stuff plants simply love…use at like .5 ml or slightly more per gallon (a full teaspoon per 10 gallons) in hydro to really strengthen your plants and their root systems but be careful it is strong stuff. Advanced Nutrients “Jump Start” or Technaflora Root 66 is great too. As was said above, make sure to aerate you nutrients with an airstone…those big heavy blue ones work best that won’t float up to the top, do get the biggest longest one you can fit in your resevoir and buy a good airpump for it not the cheap crappy $9.99 ones, go for the best you can afford as they are usually quieter and move alot more air, try to find black tubing for the feed into the res so it does’nt clog up with algae, run the air 24/7 in the nutes. Good luck! :thumbsup:


I’m using a RDWC system with top feed. My air pump is 571 gph and each bucket has the big 2” blue stone in it. I’m currently just using bergmans nutrients, calmag and hydroguard. Are you saying to add those extra nutrients on top of what I’m using or would I stop the hydroguard?


Once the roots reach the reservoir discontinue the top feed; it will cause damping off issues. You probably can’t provide too much oxygen. I added air to my stand alone reservoir in addition to the ones in the totes.


The have reached the water level but is it ok that I took the feed line and just pushed it throu the net pot to dump the water straight back into the bucket just to circulate the water to keep it a constant temperature ?


Won’t hurt a thing.


Thanks I will order some


Roots sure are brown looking. Is it just the picture?


Yep I was thinking the same thing as @Grandaddy013 it looks an awful lot like root rot. And very under developed roots at that.


How often are you running the circ pump?


Running pump about 15 minutes an hour to maintain the water temp. I’m going to add in the peroxide like recommended anything else? Also wondering on how the pics of your rdwcsystem is going I got my second tent up and ready so I’m ready to build it


Turn it to 15 min every 5 hours… your running your circ pump too much… :wink: