What’s wrong? Is this bugs or nutrients issues? Help!

My leaves got damaged a few weeks ago. First I thought we might have gotten some small hails. But the yellow spot could be lack of some nutrients.

I planted them outdoor. Before transplanting, I added organic soil acidified and bone & blood meal. I added some worm casings as well. This weekends, I added more acidified and worm casing.

The water supply we have here is from aquifer and I think it’s runs a little high pH but never test it’s.

I noticed some really small praying mantis on the plants. Could it be them eating my leaves?


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If there’s a praying mantis there’s a good chance he’s on your plant to eat the bugs. Leave him to do his business

Yes, I never touched the Mantia and ladybugs. They are my friends, lol!


Im no expert but those look like bug bites, but i can be wrong. Mine got attacked by inch worms here’s mine ,

looks very similar to yours. I don’t worry to much unless is see the new growth affected. Yoyr new growth look fine. Heres my new growth looks healthy just like yours my friend. Good luck on your grow my friend

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Ah, yes! I remember seeing a few inch worms earlier. I flicked them off and sprayed the plants. Hadn’t seen any more of them so hope to keep them off.
Thanks so much for your pictures. It sure looks the same.
I make spray with crushed garlic and hot chili pepper which I detailed in the thread ‘Spider lites, the bane of my existance’, if you’re interested to try totally organic pesticide and deterrent.


Sweet, I’ll check it out, i like to grow all organically

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