What’s wrong here

Outdoor grow ,fox farm ocean forest soil and uncle Jim’s worm castings. Brown spots on leaves are worrying me, anyone know what’s causing them
Northern lights strain


It could be bugs but it’s hard to see in those pictures . Can you get a closer picture of the brown spots ? I spray the ground and other vegatation around my outdoor plants to help control the bugs .

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We need a photo closer than what you took at. I saw one leaf that looks like something is eating on it. I thought I saw it maybe a deficiency but its hard to tell from the distance you took the photo at. :+1:

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Here’s a closer pic, they are little yellow spots

Like you said on my post @420guy , we seem to have the same issue here!

Thanks for the better pictures. So I am tagging a member with lots of growing under his belt.

Tag, you’re it @Myfriendis410. :+1::+1::+1:

I would pull those to Fan leaves and get a picture on the bottom and top. Because he probably will ask that.


Those are leaf miners. A pest. They will tunnel inside the leaf leaving trails.



Both of these products can be sprayed right up to the day of harvest. Each takes about 5 days to work, then repeat. You may also want to spray plant down with a 1 to 4 ratio of 3% peroxide: be sure all spraying is done near the end of the day to prevent burning the plant.


Yep, bugs, got to have a pest prevention program going for outdoor plants. I do weekly sprays alternating neem oil and spinosad while in veg.

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Thank you for all the advice
I ordered the captain jack dead bug brew to curb the problem
You guys are the best

@Myfriendis410 I have one last question, should I remove these leaves? They are all on the branches on the same node. All others are ok
Thanks for your help

Remove all damaged leaves.

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Thank you Sir

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Northern lights strain first pic this plant has skinny leaves compared to my others like second pic. Any ideas why first one looks different? The pic with skinny leaves are shriveled up too so what’s going on here?

Its called Genetics. No two seeds will ever be the same. :+1:

I understand they are all different, one I have is a runt. One has skinny leaves and the other seven look the same
All were planted on 4/20

If I had mine out in the woods like that the deer would make quick work of em :grimacing:

@thedeernad I have deer in the yard all the time, they eat all the bushes and flowers. They have never eaten my plants, and I grow every year. I put fishing line around the garden this year and it seems to keep them away. One ran through it when I let the dog out and it made a loud snapping noise. I strung a new line 30# test. Plants are looking fantastic and I just sprayed them with captain jacks dead bug brew for the second time yesterday

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@Myfriendis410 @AAA I have what looks like little specks of paint on the leaves on a few plants. Is this mold? The bottom of the leaves look fine with no spots. Ive used captain jacks dead bug brew twice now 7 days apart. These spots just came today or maybe yesterday

Dead bug residue ? Bird poop?