What’s wrong here?

First time grower. Auto flower seedling almost two weeks old. Was fine 3 days ago and gradually went to this.

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What medium/soil you have it in?

If she were mine I would dome her and keep the dome misted. The soil could be too hot for seedlings.


That an out door grow?

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Knew someone would ask lol. It’s really shitty soil I’m sure. I don’t know why I didn’t take the time to get some good soil but I used some soil that was already in a pot that grew some flowers last year. Don’t even know what it is. But if it was something hot like miracle grow I’m sure all the nutrients have been used up in the soil. Since it’s grew something in it before and it sat in rain and whatnot for about a year now. Wasn’t til after I started the seedling that I realized I made a huge mistake by doing that. I know the soil is surely the cause of what’s happening. I guess what I’m really trying to figure out is will I be able to salvage this plant? Is it a specific deficiency issue? Root issue because of the shitty soil?

And yes outdoor grow with autoflower. Temps and humidity have been really nice and it was actually doing quite well til about 3 days ago. I’m leaning toward some type of bug/fungus/mold myself. I found a tiny green worm looking fellow when I closely inspected. The size of maybe a pinky nail or even smaller. I flushed the hell out of that soil after I decided to use it plus I’m sure the nutrients were used up for the most part.

Okay carol I will try to dome her. I was worried about the sun just being too much light at this stage as well. Thought maybe it was pst that delicate seedling stage and fixing to start veg since it’s autoflower. She’s in the sun all day pretty much. Was trying to get her used to it because the last couple weeks before it’s time to harvest Her it’s usually mid 90s consistently around here

What’s good to use to dome her with? Sorry if seems like stupid question. My very first grow ever.

Yes outdoor grow

We’re you misting/spraying the leaves in direct sunlight? This can cause small burns.

It could be the soil, but having grown a plant already, as well as sitting out in the rain for a year, it’s probably not the soil.

Usually worms will munch, not leave burn marks, but you never know.

Cut the top 1/4 off a clear soda bottle, then invert, and use as a dome.

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Go easy in direct sun with the dome. Give it a chance to get established.

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I use the square juice jugs with tops cut off Hawaiian Punch jugs are perfect

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Also flushing the soil that much could mean there are zero nutrients left in the soil. So its deficiencies could be all over the place.

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Thank you for the suggestions and input everyone. Much appreciated.

Yeah it does look really hot for the seedling , put it in a spot where it gets some sun part of the day not all day directly