What’s up with this little lady

AK auto outside grow just ph watered and I got runoff at 6.3 ph and 660 ppm is she starving? The others are not like this the yellowing leaves just happened yesterday any help is appreciated she’s small but worthy of saving

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Then there’s this one who I think has bugs but can’t see any


first pic shows a plant needing a little more nutes and mostly water. Just a little more nutes…not much.

second pic show bug cuts…caterpillar or cutter bees. also, small clear tunnels are leaf miners…larvae that eat a tunnel…then hatch. Captain Jacks Bug Kill works great


Thank you I’ll be feeding her a bit more and I’ll try to get some captain jacks


Autos are often hungry. I’d look at somewhere around 1,000 ppm and see how she responds.


They were moved outside when I couldn’t control tent temperature.No it’s under control but theres no way they are coming back in. Survival of the fittest and I don’t need anything brought in to my babies.

Outside, if stealth isn’t an issue. Plant some marigolds around them. Their roots will make the soil toxic for aphids and thrips. But that damage does look like caterpillars or grasshoppers (my guess) … planted some in the herb box and couldn’t believe how well the sick plants (do to bug infestation) rebounded and have not seen signs of aphids/thrips/or ants in yhe box. Did see a caterpillar(he was melted on a plant :joy:) not sure why tho but I’ll take it.

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