What’s up with my plants

Ph fine neuts level are fine light burn only too half plant I mean they old for an autoflower week 7 of flower but 17 weeks from seed no amber yet at all gg4 ilgm

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They look good to me! Tip burn is perfect. I think so anyway. That used to be an indicator your feeding perfectly, as long as no other problems arise.

Are you concerned with the amber not showing?

My last gorilla glue autos; one ran 9 weeks in flower the other closer to 11. Normal.

Edit again

Old for auto? Nah the seed bank time lines represent time in flower they don’t count veg.


Concerned about the clawing and curling up on top half plant with some yellowing

Whats the temps inside your tent most leaf curl like that is associated with heat stress but some genetics can play a role also it can also happen from light intensity as well

Mars hydro 2000 I turned it down once and I think that’s it but just looking for opinions and ideas…

Check your temps where the plant is. I’ve seen some where it’s on the floor of the tent. Others near the lights.

I hang my thermometer at the height of my plants. You can get 5-10 degree difference or more inside the tent.

This will give you a better indication of proper height from your lights. It will help you find a solution to the upper leaves curling.

I can’t move them their too big for the tent only thing I can do is turn down the light

Looks to me like your plant is trying to finish up. It’s a natural part of the process to see leaves start to yellow during the second half of flower. I had a gg turn very light colored for me.

You’re doing great by the looks of things. You should get a nice harvest. The curl of the leaves is very slight. I wouldn’t worry much about it. I normally turn my lights down towards the end of the cycle.

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