What’s this called?

They are moving up. I hope I want have to many males.

I believe those three are females. The seeds jumped very fast. They sprouted in dart within 24 hours that was pretty fast. I have seeds. When I moved into the house I couldn’t find them they were in the heat too long they’re not good I’ve done everything I could to get them to come up. I even sanding With fine sandpaper to water and hydrogen peroxide and even dirt and even cutting some of them with razor blades to see what I could get a little tail and they die.

Yes, 3000k is preferred to flower but I’ve been told by many experienced growers on here that 4000k flowers just fine.
And adding more lights, other then a heat issue and power bill/electrical issue (if you’re house isn’t wired right) isnt gonna do anything but benefit your plant. Unless it’s too much light. Then you might burn your plant up. Lol. But more light, with the room still controlled, is just gonna make your plant grow more and have bigger nicer buds.

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Those clear containers are full of vinegar. I’ve been having some fly problems. Cheap dirt. Lol

Get diatomaceous earth. I use food grade. A little on the dirt works pretty well.

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Best place to buy seeds is right here man. ILGM seeds are grown alll over this forum and people have tons of success.

Im a bag seed guy myself.


Thanks. I thought so. I see the good deals. I want to get a mixed variety. Lol


I read where 4K want flower as fast or not at all. HLG 100 4ks

That’s not true at all. Works the just fine. You can ask a lot off the people on here. Yes, to get a maximum yield and what not and grow as professional as possible you’re gonna wanna get the bspec for your veg which I believe is 4000k spectrum lights with some blue led spectrum added on. Then the rspec is 3000k spectrum with red added for flowering.
I’ve got an ak47 starting her flower right now, pistils starting to show. She’s just fine.

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I read a lot about them. They where supposed to be 3 k but the light says 4 and the box says 3. I’m not gonna take a Chance i changed it up today it up today.