What’s the easiest way to flush a larger grow?10-30plants

I know you follow the schedule and flush or flush according to fix it or diagnose problems etc. but I was just wondering if there was and easier way of flushing your gals instead of one by one going into a sink/tub and flushing and doing it that’s way. I now take my 10 gals individually to the sink and flush them with PH’ed water which I have to go get bottled spring water because the water at my house is to hard from my well, so I have to use atleast 1 1/2 gal min./plant to flush. and sledgehammer of course. but it’s quiet a process and they are getting big now but not at big as they are gonna get. And once there in the scrog net, its harder to maneuver them to flush them. Just looking for some ideas. Don’t forget I’m in an indoor tent set up that is technically hidden and Deseret. With no direct water access in or by the tent.

First off I make R/O at home. I have a yard so all plants get watered outside whenever possible. Flushing duration can be reduced with products like Florakleen or Sledgehammer.

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