What’s the Best trimming scissors?

I think I might get those!!! :sunglasses:

@MidwestGuy does it have a screen to help separate the kief from the trim? It’s one less chore/step after a long sit lol.

I throw away everything but the trimmed flower since I grow far more weed than I and others can use.

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@MidwestGuy same here minus the kief. I like to add it back on top of my bowl like a seasoning lol. I don’t make any edibles but I have given a sh!t-ton of my trim to friends who make butter.

those look like a weapon.



I’ve used these to make kief coins and I hook some of my buddies up with them. I prefer the shake but this makes it easy to share.

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I have a pollen press similar to that one and use it when I make hash.

interesting, never heard of kief coins?

Thank you guys for all of your time and help
This is the best group of people I have ever met!!!

@MidwestGuy Thats something I want to learn how to make. It’s on the bucket list.


Scoop, stuff, squeeze, eject, break off as needed. It burns wayyyy slower this way. I don’t bother for myself since I like it powder in form.


wow thanks for the demonstration :sunglasses:

That’s bad ass … but I’m like u I just sprinkle some on a bowl or a doob…:partying_face:


@Fieldofdreams hey got a question do u have a preference on seeds u grow? Or a strain

@SlowFatGuy Im working on that now. I’ve got limited experience up until recently. I always had a ‘plug’ before. I have GSC Auto in my tent and Godfather OG and Granddaddy Purple in solo cups hopefully popping up soon. I’m considering putting a singular seed from my last outdoor grow that somehow was on my trim tray recently into action as well but it could very easily be male. :man_shrugging:

@Fieldofdreams nice can’t wait to hear how they turn out… for my next I got some chemdawg and white widow but not sure on which to run with first
I’m wanting to find something that smells like a skunk got hit by a shitty baby diaper lol… just unsure on what strains are that pungent …:rofl:

@SlowFatGuy Here’s a thought for seed selection….scroll through the BOM winners and fall in love. Some gorgeous flowers in those pics!!

Shoot away. I do need to warn you, I have worked very hard during the past three years trying to forget everything I knew and used during my career.

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Will do and ty