What’s the Best trimming scissors?

Hello to all I’m a newbie lol this is my first grow
And just wanted to ask what’s the best trimming scissors To get ?
Thanks for everybody’s help


Hello slow fat guy lol… do u have a budget…? amount? :grinning: but i loved the spring loaded Japanese :joy:


Razor Sharp Edge | Made in Japan

but man they are not cheap, and i dont think i ever figured a way to sharpen… but they stayed sharp for sooo long (keep away from fingers, not for trimming (weed in a bowl)even when dulled)… :ok_hand: :pray: :wink:


I just use a cheap pair from Walmart. I should get a better pair but they work perfectly for trimming and I am cheap. :joy:


I don’t mind spending money for good quality items… just don’t have a clue on about 99% of what I’m doing :rofl:
And ty I will check them out and thanks for the link


I have cheap ones from Amazon. I think they come 6 in a pack. Very sharp and work great for me. They are the spring action ones, so hands don’t get tired.


More than 1. Any pair of good really as long as they aren’t huge meat scissors. But more than 1 pair since they’ll get sticky AF


After looking at those id buy them… :ok_hand: the others are so expensive, and u dont need them… and they do need to get cleaned anyway… :pray:

Fiskers hands down! Still gonna need high octane isopropyl, wipes or quarts. Those New Years plastic champagne glasses are awesome with a pair of fiskars


I especially liked the curved Fiskars. It’s what I use personally. And yes the isopropyl alcohol is a must! Haha

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I like this style myself from Bunnings for $18 AU here down under.

Fiskars SP15 Solid Pruning Shears


I am 100% with you on the scissors.

The are very easy on my arthritic hand. I also use a couple Fiskars

With their sharp nose they are good at cutting out unwanted leaf stems from buds. But terrible at actually trimming buds. You may think the spring loaded action makes it easier to use but that is not the case for me. They are exhausting to use after a couple of hours of trimming. This is not the case with the Chikamasa scissors. Yes they are expensive but they work and using them is not like getting a workout.


I use these. Don’t laugh.:grin: They stay sharp and with my only having 4 properly working digits on my right hand they work well.

And they’ll take a scrape with a sharp blade to collect the scissor hash. :+1:

I also have a pair of the spring loaded micro tip fiskars that @beardless pictured.
My experience with them is the same as his.
Good for in close fine work but not the main trim.

If these were a lil better quality they’d be great for in close work. They flex too much as they are. Cheap plastic.
Found they gum up too quick and won’t open by the spring. Need Frequent cleaning.



I use embroidery scissors. My mother was a seamstress and we always had these laying around. You get 12 for $6 I just put a glass of alcohol on the table and drop them in when they’re to sticky .They’re spring loaded and small, I have some serious arthritis so don’t matter what scissors I use my hands turn to balloons when trimming. I do use trimmers for the big branches.


Yes I’m with you @kettle a 100% , love the chikmasa Japanese scissors razor sharp an Fine point. With a soft Spring. I have two pairs. I just bought a new pair of fiskars For me the Springs too strong. I will stick with my chikmasa.


So as you can tell it personal preference lol, find one you like, and enjoy the sticky, aroma. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I really like the cheap ones off Amazon that @beachglass posted. The only thing is I will not wash mine with alcohol until after I scraped all the delicious scissor hash off the blades.


I have a pair of these too. My grandmother trimmed grass with them. No guarantee they didn’t clip a sheep or two.


still have a little original paint definitely have some age to them. I was just getting ready to call a accountant when I seen your name and remembered You are a retired accountant. May I ask you a question @beardless

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@SlowFatGuy I agree with everyone about the spring loaded fiskers style. Easy on your grip when your in trim prison lol. I’ll add that you should consider some bong cleaner to soak them in when they get gummed up. I have a few pairs and I rotate them as needed.

Get yourself a trim tray and the scissors will come with and you get the added bonus of catching your kief!!


I use a seedling tray for this.