What’s the best trichome color to begin the harvest?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

what’s the best trichome color to begin the harvest?

When they are all cloudy and some are turning amber you can’t miss the amber ones

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Ultimately that depends on the type of “high” you are looking for…

Mostly cloudy is more uplifting, the more amber you get, the more “couch lock” type of buzz you will get. I like mine about 50/50…

I am sure others can get more in depth here, but that is the basics…

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All cloudy no amber is a uplifting creative high. Some amber is a more couch lock high that’s what I like lol but down side more harsh smoke and taste more then half high has a narcotic high and has the harshest taste and smoke with more coughing lol. So it goes by what kind of taste and high you want


I let my last GSC grow go a bit too long. Harvested about 60%+ amber. It starts out as the best euphoric/uplifting high, and about an hour later it’s lights out. When I say lights out, I’m talking full on unable to move narcotic high. .

It’s a great come home from work and need to get high and sleep soon weed, but I will not let my grow go that long again. I’ve got 5+ ounces of it left.

All depends on your preferences. Every strain is different, but the longer you go usually the stronger the effects can be… up to a point then the degrading of the levels will go down very quickly.

I usually recommend if you are growing the same “stable” strain or clones to harvest them out at different percentage amounts in trich colors over a 10 day period. If you space them out evenly you can see which one or percentage you like for that strain.

If you like longer or shorter then your next can be adjusted accordingly.