What’s the best kind of led light

Irregardless that I’m growing already, a lot of you guys have explain to me that I do not have enough light per plant.

I really don’t want to try to traditional route so what’s some led choices I should be looking into? I want to keep the grow small about 1 to 3 plants at one time.

So what do you guys think are the best kind of led lights to use or at least what should I Be looking for?

As well as proper soil choice because I was also told miracle grow is not a good medium at all and that would lead me to assume that the miracle grow fertilizer isn’t optimal at all either.

I plan getting some more seeds and I don’t want to be ill prepared this time also are there anything else’s I’m missing?

Also can somebody explain to me what topping is why it’s useful and the idea of the green screen.

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Best led lights would be the one you build. @dbrn32 can explain better. But, if you don’t want to build, roleadro/Galaxyhydro are one of the best of the Amazon lighting options. Topping is cutting the main stem after about 5,6 nodes. It force’s the plant to drive energy to the other branch’s. Check out my grow journal. I have two. I’ll tag you into both


Check out what horticulture lighting group or timber grow lights has for your space. As pointed out, you could save a little money by sourcing the parts and building yourself, but chances are it would resemble something that they offer.

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Where can I learn to build my own? @dbrn32

@HornHead I’m going to top them today then

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I just posted some diy links on your other topic before finding this one.

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Currently reading it now, Glad to be apart of the family you guys!

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Just goto the HLG website, buy a couple qb135 v2 lights and never have to buy them again. Mine were $187 a piece and they will be here tomorrow. I actually rescheduled an appointment so I’d be home for the delivery.

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If you can solder wires and have done a little bit of electrical work, read dbrn32’s Let’s Talk About DIY Lights thread. It’s long but it has many many examples. RapidLED has some easy kits where everything just plugs together and holes are drilled and threaded for you. If you can operate a screwdriver you can build their kits.

Otherwise, hard to go wrong with HLG, Timber, or RapidLED built lights. They are top notch and all are completely honest about what you are getting, unlike a lot of Chinese Amazon sellers.

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@1BigFella thank you I’m going to be honest, im completely ignorant to any type of electrical work and I don’t even know the major measure of unit light is even measured in.

I’ve been doing extensive research and will most definitely give them a look as well!!!

What do you mean never have to buy them again? How many hours are they good for?
I use HPS lights, and it’s expensive on the electric bill. I’m going to try LED. If these lights last forever that’s probably what I’ll get lol

At least 50,000 hours which is a long time

50000 hours = about 10 years the way we run them. You have to replace HID bulbs every year or two. They have lower light output as they age. LEDs will last for many years, as long as you don’t drive them too hard and keep them cool. You are far more likely to burn out a capacitor in your LED driver than an LED. Those caps are rated for just five years at most. Really long-life electrolytic caps are rated for 25000 hours. Electrolytic cap burnout is why most electronics fail.

First, give us a budget for your lighting and then others will be able to tell you what will get you the best bang for your buck as that cost is what will decide the best recommendation.

75 - 150.

For a max grow of about 1 to two plants at one time.