What’s the best bang for your $

With all the ways of consumption what is the most $ efficient way. Between cost of some extraction set ups it’s hard to figure out how to get the most meds in at the lowest cost. Not including the grow cost. Smoking is fast and cheap but much of just gets burned.

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Backdoor/suppository is the most efficient way to get high.


Do you make them?

RSO oil is the most concentrated.


That depends on the type of high/relief you’re looking for. If you like uppy, racy, in your face, I’d say smoking or dabs/concentrates are the way to go. If you just need pain relief or help with sleep, edibles are better…very generally speaking. Everyone is different, and there are so many strains with so many different combinations of compounds, that the best bang for my buck might not be the same as yours.

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I have read as a general rule-

Smoking 20% effective
Edibles 40% effective
Suppository 80% effective.

Have not tested this, just what I have read.


I can imagine that’s the quickest way to get it into your bloodstream. But what a pain in the ass.

It had to be done, I’m sorry :joy:


Awe man, you had to go there! Only a matter of time, better you @elheffe702 then some of the characters on here…


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So much for a useful thread

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we will get back on trac @Painfree
When you say meds, what exactly are you trying to cure/solve?

It’s actually a good question and for some who find a tincture to be unpleasant might want to consider it. I had read somewhere that there were a large number of cannabinoid receptor sites in the digestive tract. Likely want decarbed THC though.


Yes, has to be decarbed. I knew some Aussie guys that would take ecstasy anally, they said it was way more intense. You can make suppositories with gel caps and RSO oil.

I follow this guys technique for RSO.


You will need to “cut” the RSO with a carrier oil, the stuff is hard to work with.

If you guys want to dose rectally, you have to shove it up high enough so that it gets absorbed by the main rectal vein, otherwise the thc won’t get processed, but other cannabinoids will be absorbed.


I did some research and experimentation a few months ago.

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From what I’ve read, it only needs to go in 1”-1.5” for the active ingredients to go into your bloodstream, but not be processed by your liver, this allows for one to take large doses (1 gram) without getting high.

So does the THC go into your bloodstream if only administering into the outer rectum?

Just follow the veins. :grinning:

Seriously, though, for those who need cbd and such, but cannot smoke or ingest it, rectal supposatories could be a life saver. Though, from what I’ve read an enema type treatment is more effective than a solid mass.

However, if you just want to get ridiculously high, there are other routes that are definitely more fun and less messy.

Here’s something I posted April 30, 2019:
This summer, I start a new job which will take me away from society for 67 days: chef at a heli-fishing lodge. I plan on taking as much herb, as well as however many pre-rolls & edibles as I can sneak into my bags and onto the helicopter. However, since I’m not sure how often/how safely I’ll be able to partake, I have been doing some research and experimentation on a different way of administrating weed to my body. A more…back door method, so to speak.

After 2 successful launches using weed tootsie rolls (they were here and so conveniently shaped…though very sticky), as well as doing more research on the rectal veins than I thought I would ever do, I am ready to try something made just for those hard to reach places. I’m still not quite ready to buy specialist equipment for this experiment, so this isn’t going to be exactly perfect, by any means. For instance, since I have coconut oil, that’s what I am using, although it’s recommended to use cocoa butter mixed with coconut oil to prevent…well, to prevent mudbutt. Also, I haven’t bought special molds, yet.

Research says the lower and middle rectal veins send the cannabinoids straight into your bloodstream, bypassing your liver, thus reducing the psychotropic effects of THC. However, the main rectal vein, which is quite far up there, leads pretty much straight to the liver. So, if you can get it into the right position, you’re going to send up to a whopping 65% bioavailable cannabinoids into your body. Smoking it only gets you 15%, with edibles coming in at about 30%.

Today, I am making cannacoconut oil to use in edibles & capsules (aiming for 200mg thc per dose) and supposatories (aiming for 100mg per dosage).

I have 100 grams of buds decarbing, now. I am going to add 100ml of coconut oil and pressure cook for 30 minutes. After strained, I will seperate out a couple mls of the oil to use for my nethers, reserving the rest for capsules and chocolates. I might end up storing it like RSO (1ml doses) and just warm it up before shooting myself in the ass. :grinning:

And yes, you did just read all of that.