What’s next in my grow

This is my first grow. I started seeds indoors under grow lights, moved outdoors at three weeks and 20” high. Plant are now at 14 weeks approximately 60” and I see no buds yet.
Do I need to do something to encourage flowering?

They are probably photoperiod plants that you can expect to flower at some point when the day-length is between 14 and 12 hours.

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Yep, still a little early for outside plants to flower if they’re not autos.

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They are feminized. They look great to me but I would value opinions.


Wow. Very nice. Welcome to the forum. They will stretch more. Gonna be big girls.

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Thanks for the input and kind words. I’m looking forward to my other batch. Started 2-1/2 was ago. Those are outside and about 20” tall. Temps right now are upper 80’s days and 70’s at night. Humidity is at 56%. I’m watering them daily as we have had little rain. Looking forward to getting and some day giving advice.


Great looking ladies.

4 months in to my grow, plants are 6+feet tall but still no buds. What should I do?

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Hang tight. she will be giving you pleasure when daylight cycle is about 12hrs. i would think in a couple weeks
kinda depends where u live.

Extreme upstate NYS 50 miles south of Montreal. I guess I’m getting impatient. I have 2 other plants, not the same, that are only 2foot high but with several buds. That started me worrying that I did something wrong with one or the other. What do you think?

My girls are over 7 feet tall, loaded with buds, now I’m just waiting for the harvest. I have only used water and 2 doses of Miracle Grow should I have been using some else? I want my girls to be healthy and strong to support all those buds. Lol
Any advice as to what I should feed at this point would be great. I will take photos later a storm just popped up. There are lots of pistils but no apparent trich’s. As always I appreciate and value all advice.

Lots of outdoor growers to ask. All willing to share.

Few tweeks here and there and maybe bigger yields.

She looks good under your care.:+1:

Thanks Mosca. I have read so many pists from people using special fertilizer and wonder how much bigger my gurls would have been. They are planted next to blueberry and raspberry plants so they share a common ph. Other than that and like I said a couple of doses of Miracle Grow bloom booster these girls have gone “ back to nature”. Reminds me of grows from 50 years ago! Does that age me?

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Only teachings on the forum appears to be courtesy and growing great weed, no spelling cops seen thus far.

I finally got to visit my girls to take pictures. I need a zoom lens for my iPhone but they are loaded with trich’s, all clear so the waiting will continue.
I think the buds look great and would value any feedback.

Looking to the sky

A couple of questions, can anyone tell me how much longer till harvest and what are these black spots?
Spots don’t look like bugs and can only be seen with a loupe. I hope it’s nothing serious, I am looking forward to getting personal with my girls!

Pictures seem like they aren’t loading. Here is another try.