What’s my problem

This is a tansplant been in new soil about a week and I’ve noticed the top leaves curling up a bit. Heat stress? Too close to light? Have a FECiDA 600W Dimmable LED Grow Light CR600 about a foot above it my seedlings are loving it the other one not so much

@Amlgill , What is your problem? Looks OK to me.

Could be lots of things.

Please take a moment to copy and paste and fill this out:

Thanks in advance.


[quote=“MidwestGuy, post:20, topic:74818”]
What strain, Wedding cake

• Method: Happy frog and ocean forest

Soil brand and type

• Vessels: Cloth

• PH of Water, 6.5

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution n/a

• Indoor or Outdoor indoor until weather permits

• Light system FECiDA 600W Dimmable LED Grow Light CR600

• Temps; Day, Night 65

• Humidity; Day, Night 55

• Ventilation system; no

• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, no

• Co2 No

Crystal springs water


Here’s a better pic of what I have going on

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Looks kinda vaguely like heat stress. But let me grab some better eyes for you.

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That EC or PPMs is critical to know for testing the nutrients in the soil using a run off sample. Hungry for a little nitrogen and maybe some residual transplant shock :love_you_gesture:


The curling looks like it could be rootzone related… think possibly transplant shock like OG said, maybe pH imbalance.

The leaves kind of taco’n looks like it could be light intensity related. Maybe back of the light a few inches. Are u sure ur high temps are 65??


Best guess… Transplant shock. Possibly heat related.


I think everyone is on right track here. If you’re running 65f at plant canopy is more like too cold than too hot.


Looks like transplant shock to me as well.


It was in a tiny container and root bound just transplanted into this bigger pot with ffhf and ocean forest. Haven’t checked ppm as I haven’t heavily watered it yet

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It’s temporarily in my garage until it gets warm enough outside and I have a heater set to 65. Today when I left it was around 70 since it’s a nicer day today than it has been. I moved light up yesterday and turned it down to 40% hopefully it helps

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Tis a tad chilly for the girls. They like to keep their parts warmmm.

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The light is about 65w.

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Looks normal. I also believe you are too cold. They really slow down. 80 is a better temp goal. Higher temps and you will see them take off i think.

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The light I have I’m confused :joy:

Light manufacturers lie. The only number ive learned to look at is actual wattage i mean diodes matter. Style matters. But actual light wattage rules the day.

Edit: Input Wattage


Gotcha I didn’t think it was going to be great just getting me by until I plant them outside in a few weeks

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And also does that mean that it’s most likely transplant shock? Since the light isn’t very strong?

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