What’s my girl telling me

The leaves on Gary are looking weird around the edges
She be talking to me but I need a Rosetta Stone

What’s this say to you?


Looks like Gary likes purple, seems like genetic coloring coming into play, don’t see any problems.


Omg thanks
I’m so relieved I thought I was poisoning her or something


As long as you’re feeding enough phosphorous or did temps didn’t fall below ~50*F, it definitely could be genetics.

No low temperature not that low at least
And jacks 321

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You could be fine. Worth a read:

What I am seeing its possibly Phosphorus deficiency. It could also be genetics. I have never had purple leaves.

Welly Welly Welly Welly Welly well well
:scream:where do I get phosphorus?

You may be feeding Phosphorous but the plant is outpacing your nutrition. Try some Mamouth P and a Bloom Boost to help the plant uptake more and see if that helps.

What nutrients you using?

Jacks 321

Was under the impression that is all I need
It’s in ffof but has been since July 3rd

She has had 2 watering with jacks and one of just distilled when pot drys completely out