What’s more important, medium, light or marijuana seeds?


I’ve been looking at ads for mediums ranging from rocks and lava to bio-dynamic compost. In the end, what really makes the difference? Is the medium, the nutrients/sunlight, or simply the marijuana seeds?

The medium’s purpose is to anchor the roots and trap the nutrients and water so that the marijuana plant can make use of them. Any medium that can do this and also hold adequate amounts of air will suffice. Many mediums—like lava, ceramic beads, perlite, and other commercial materials—work just fine. Although the nutrients could affect the marijuana plant’s health and growth, they don’t really affect potency at all. Light intensity is also responsible for plant and bud growth and the potency to some extent. Still, the main factor that affects potency is genetics. The genes determine both potential yield and potency more than anything else.

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Genetics is the most important thing for me. It is the one thing I can not adjust. All the rest are things you can adjust and play with depending on your needs. That’s the fun part. I do know with shitty genetics it doesn’t matter what you do you will never get high quality buds. Does Mexican dirt weed ring a bell. grab some seeds from that crap and grow me a high medical quality bud.