What’s is a good vacuum pump to distract oxygen from jars

From a fellow grower: What’s is a good pump to distract oxygen from jars.

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I have this one. I like it because it can be used with the included handpump, my FoodSaver can’t.

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My food saver had the little option nipple to run a tube, and so i bought exactly what was shown above…minus hand pump… boy does it seal! Might want both large and small mouth options for various holiday gifting :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you store your flower in jars, simply put it in the freezer. I’m still smoking flower I put down four years ago and still fresh and potent.


If your on the cheap like me, I use the method my mom used.
My mom and her mom would just heat the jars before sealing them.
So after your done with the cure you can simply pre-heat your jars before sealing them.

  1. You can boil them first for 10 minutes
  2. Use a paper towel to dry them
  3. Place in oven at 110F for 10 minutes
  4. Repeat with a paper towel to dry any excess moisture
  5. Fill with nuggets and seal.

The temperature will induce a vacuum when the jars cool down.

Not as good as a vacuum pump, but good enough to win the turkey.

Leave in cool, dark spot for storage.

Guaranteed to provide a vacuum when sealed.

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I have both the Food Saver sealers and the ones in my above post. They look almost the same. The Food Saver sealers came without a pump. I have a hand battery powered Food Saver pump that does work with the Food Saver sealers. Too bad the batteries are dead and not replaceable except with a soldering iron.

The reason I can’t use the Food Saver sealers with a hand pump is there is more air space in the sealer cap and those little hand pumps can’t pump enough to create the vacuum. I like the little hand pumps because of their convenience.

I purchased a 1/4 hp HVAC rotary vacuum pump that creates a better vacuum than any of my other pumps. I had to do a little custom work due to the oddball size of its exhaust port. The extra vacuum created by this pump works to seal with old/reused lids when my other pumps don’t.

I prefer wide mouth jars but found a better price on regular mouth lids. I use both but I have a larger collection of the regulars that I have collected over the years.

I saw these on Amazon and they looked interesting. Lids are supposed to fit on any wide mouthed Mason jar. Has a little hand pump to vacuum seal. Idk if they’re any good, but it looks cool.

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Haha you need a kid like mine, nothing lasts around here, I usually hide a jar or 2 just to make sure he doesn’t smoke me out. He usually finds em :laughing:

I have some of those but from a different manufacturer. What I don’t like about them is I can’t tell if they are holding a vacuum. I know if they are holding a vacuum by pushing on the little valve and listening for a little hiss but then I just destroyed the vacuum. With the canning jar lids I can tell if they are still sealed by lifting the lid gently. If it doesn’t move I know the seal is good.

Makes sense. Heat sealing Grove bags is probably a better option all around IMO. You can just hit the top edge with a flat iron for hair if you don’t have a sealing machine. I say top edge bc if you do it like that you can cut off that part and heat seal it again. You can probably get a few uses out of each of them.