What’s in my soil ? Fox farm

What’s in my soil is that ok little grey bugs ??? …… why does my ph of my soil keep rising

I’m going to tag @Hellraiser to see if he ever saw anything like this

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Look like Springtails!? Had them in hydro table, Used BT SkeeterBits…
Why is the soil like a small swimming pool - recent watering/rain?


Is that standing water in your pot? Excess watering invites both bugs and mold. Bugs look like larvae of some type, I also see mold.

Cannabis soil should be left to dry out between waterings.

Mold can be treated by scooping it out and a light (emphasis on light) spray of diluted hydrogen peroxide. How to treat the bugs depends on what they are. I see Mosquito Bits and DE used quite often.

It also looks like algae is forming. You’re going to have to back off the water and let the soil dry out between waterings.


Well it was dry when I watered and I added allot to make it pool on top and saw them

If you have algae, bugs, and mold, and standing water, then you need to work on your watering practices. The pot clearly looks overwatered from a longer term perspective.

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Springtails are decomposers… they probably came in the bag of soil especially FF peat mix whatever the flavor. Mostly Harmless, look them up. Do they seem to jump about? I BT every soil mix…never had one that didn’t have at least the Arch Nemesis Fungus Gnaticus or some other pest.


So should I use this

I’ve never seen that product. What I see people use are spinosad products or Capt. Jacks Deadbug for cannabis.

I suppose it depends on what is in it.


I picked it up at my local hydroponic store

Never heard of it either, I like the read on the Marketing Cuts - Let us Know how it works. + some algae control too, if thats what you have.
“Made of 100% pure rosemary and clove botanical extracts, this pesticide has been developed to control damaging soil-borne pests. These types of pest insects will feast on delicate roots and stalks and thrive in high-moisture growing environments. The carefully formulated components of SNS 203 will cause the pests to dehydrate and die; but this formula will also help clear out fungus and algae, which cuts down on food sources for pests.”

BT is Bacillus Thuringenis (sp.) and Spinosad are both Cannibalistic Bacterium - so beneficial bacteria. I use in my Vegetable Garden - Hot Peppers/Toms etc as well.

Inevitably Fungus Gnaticus and Mighty Spider Mite will visit, be prepared or proactive.

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Do u think these bugs are what keep making my soil ph grow from 6.4 in a week to 6.8 I water with ro water ph .6.5 cal mag and terpinator …. Plants are 12 weeks old

Yes they look like springtails, pretty harmless as far as pests go.