What’s happening to my baby

First time growing indoors don’t know what strain this is but I started her about 4-5 weeks ago and this is all I have to show any advice is well appreciated

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Hi. Welcome.

Before we begin to troubleshoot, you’ll need to provide a very detailed description of your setup and habits.

Breeder/cultivar/source of seed:

Exactly what medium are you growing in? (Brand and product/s)

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

If you’re fertigating, what is strength is your nutrient mix? (Specify EC, 500/700 scale ppm)

What is your light source? (Be specific)

Temperatures: Average/peak/min for both day and night

Humidity: Average/peak/min for both day and night

How do you bring fresh air into your space, and how do you remove stale air?

Please answer with care. You’re limited to only a few posts per day when you sign up.


I believe that @KeystoneCops has you covered. The people here can help you grow your plant into some nice smoke. happy growing :rofl: :bat:


I bought a grow tent from Amazon
A light and some cheap soil from Walmart mixed in some miracle grow outdoor and use general s go box from Amazon.
I got a seed from a 1/2 oz of simmering I don’t even know the name.
I planted it and turned on the light then started do research on what to do I found this website and saw a light at the end of the tunnel
I’m willing to learn just need guidance
Please help.

I got a heating mat from Amazon also the lights are on a 18/6 light cycle as of Monday this week because of the help from the post in here the temp is 84-85 degrees always

While that’s not nearly as much info as I was looking for, based on what you’ve said I think we can make some assumptions, and you’ll correct me if I’m wrong.

Your tent looks really small (by tent standards). I’m going to guess 12"x12"x3’. Am I close?

Small tents can be a bit challenging because your air volume (the environment the plant is in) is really small. If your tent was twice the size, it would have four times the volume. That’s an issue for you because the air coming into the tent has less conditioned air to mix with; therefore, you want to make sure the air in the room outside the tent is close to tolerable (if not optimal) for the plant.

I think it’s best to do a bit of a reset and come up with a new plan.
Take a piece of paper and a pen. Make a list of the amount of flower and price you paid for it over the last 4 months. Please share that number.

It’s hard to set up a nice grow with a budget lower than $750, but it’s not impossible. But if you spend $500 every 4 months on flower, it makes sense to invest in a nice setup that will return pounds every year.

Figure out how much dried flower you need/want, and how much you can spend. Then we’ll help you pick gear to get there.

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