What’s happening here

Morning, I’m a first time grower. I have 3 plants one seems to be flowering nicely the other two are very heavy with crowded stems and little flower growth. I probably should prune but isn’t it too late? I appreciate your thoughts, advice and suggestions. Here are some photos


Welcome ! The last picture with the plant throwing single leafs with smooth edge looks to be revegging.


Welcome Bro

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

ILGM Support Ticket:

What is the strain and type(unknown bag seed, strain name, regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flower, etc)?

Indoor or Outdoor? If outdoor, planted

in ground or in a container?

Size of space (max height and area, length/width)?

Soil or Hydro? Type of Medium used? System type?

pH? Of the soil or medium (root zone/reservoir/run-off) and of the water and/or nutrient mix that is fed to the plant?

Type and strength of nutrients used? NPK? EC/TDS/PPM levels? Of what you feed it as well as what is in the water by itself and in the soil/medium (run-off), or reservoir.

Temperature? Day vs. night temp or highest and lowest temps? Root zone temps?

Humidity %? Day vs. night

Light system/watts/lumens/FLUX/PAR?

Ventilation system? Size? CFM? CO2? AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?

Number “weeks/days” from into Season, Vegetative Growth or

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer. Feel free to elaborate, but try to be brief and to the point. Short and to the point questions and/or facts will help us help you 

Hey I dont really know how to post but I need to know what happened first time grower newbie used miracle grow potting mix. Lmk your thoughts thanks

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Here you go:

Strain: gelato/clones

Outdoor/soil/5 gal buckets with drainage/greenhouse 5x6x7

Ph 6.0

Fox farm trio/currently using tiger bloom 2.8.4 and flower fuel 1.34.32

San Diego weather 60’s-mid 80’s
Low humidity

Began from seedling on april 24/showing signs of flowering June 15

@Cannabian could you send some outside growers to this thread to help this guy out .It looks like one of his plants is revegging, isn’t it to early for flowering anyway (Autumnal equinox is the last week of September} ?

What do I do? They’re outside plants and has been from day one.

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Keep taking care of the plant. You can use it in making oil or edibles they will be some smoke there a pain to trim.


Welcome to the community ! If your Miracle Grow potting soil has time-released fertilize. Every time you water it releases nitrogen and can cause you problems. If possible I would try to transplant into cannabis friendly soil. Just my thoughts good luck.


In addition to the (probable) revegetation issue, I see what looks like insect damage in a few areas. I would remove the damaged leaves, inspect them top and underside, and dispose of them well away from your grow. Then I’d wash the plant(s) with citric acid and water (1:20 or weaker) and/or Dr. Bronner’s unscented. Then I’d put up sticky cards in the enclosure, and treat the plant(s) with BT.


Now that you pointed it out I went back and blowed the picture up , good catch. That would be considered a trained eye. :+1:

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Thank you, I’ll start right away.


Ok… let start with a couple questions?
Is that the only strain you are growing?
Are any of the other plants flowering this early as its not even August yet? And you are way lower than me on the :earth_americas:
Yes some flower early but this particular plant is exibiting a latent gene. I see out of focus plants in yhe rear are they doing this too?

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Hi, thank you in advance.
So yes, you are correct I have 3 different strains in the back with not much foliage and they started to flower a couple of weeks ago.


White queen is growing in the background

so were all of these plants started outdoors? Or were they started under lighting and brought outdoors?
The regen pkant seems like it has some ruderalis gene in it? Wierd.

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I am a beginner but I am a voracious reader. From what I have learned is you should stay away from Miracle-Gro.


thank you and yes i started in miracle grow potting mix, i made the mistake of using only the miricle grow potting mix, the first two plants seems fine up until flowering then stopped it could be because of the heat. also i dont know what i should do with the 2 that are flowering already… should i leave it or try to transplant to regular soil from happyfrog. im confused on what i should do to make the best out of my situation.

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Personally transplant, I would try to get out of the Miracle Grow. Looking at the picture are you in cloth bags or plastic bags?

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Sorry I only had 20 posts then I was locked out. When I bought them they were a mere 3 inches, so I had them inside under a light (maybe 12-14 hours max) when they grew about 6-8 inches. I repotted them and kept the in my greenhouse.