What’s happening here? Seedling yellowing from the centre

you wont get a smooth dry cured smoke, but you will get an idea if you want to wait or not.

these are your plants. recommendations are just a guide. you find what works for you. i just do the lower stuff because if i can get high on it the top ones are ready. i dont do all the trick shots yet where i have an even canopy so i have some more ready than others. i had some go over 15 weeks and i had some seed to harvest in 3 months. every time i think i have it figured out something new happens. :rofl:


@pptrsha1 Ahh thanks mate! Reassuring to know I’m not the only one whose has lasted this long.
Ok, think imma give another water/feed today then see what she looks like this time next week.
Also I’ll check triches next week too.

I think I will take your advice and chop a lower one off next week and try it. .

Thanks so much!

I wanted a smoke for Christmas but not sure it’s gonna be ready in time…bummers…


it might be. just keep checking

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@CalamityJane. Depending on. The strain they can go in flower for 12 to 16bweeks alone. My first photos went for almost 6bmonths total


Thanks Mark, did you mean to say ‘photos’ or did you mean autos? I only ask as this is an auto. x

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@pptrsha1 got you covered! :nerd_face:

I would take a “sample” and test it to see if I like it. We all do it when we’re as close as you are. :smiling_imp:
We just call it an “accident” when an almost ripe bud falls into our grinders… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I suggest getting a microscope, there’s a lot of inexpensive ones on Amazon. :nerd_face:


my over 15 weeks were autos my 3 month harvest was photo. environment plays a major role besides genetics. i have twin daughters. one is 6 ft tall the other is 5’5. seeds are like kids. no two alike.

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Thanks Kappy! I actually do have one… here’s some snaps from about 3 days ago (excuse the poor quality, I’m working on it)

Not much amber in the buds, some on the leaves. But I also read that GG4 has really low CBD content so also thinking I might not actually see much amber at all and leave it too long… what do you think?


Amber has nothing to do with CBD, afaik. It just determines the ripening of the trichomes. Think of it as the brown spots on bananas, some like to eat them when they are barely yellow, others like them just before they turn brown and a few like them with more brown.
Cloudy trichomes = Head high, more energetic and creative. Good for daytime
Some amber = Head and body high, good for pain
Mostly amber = Body high, couch lock and great sleep. Great for nights :crescent_moon:!

(Those are general guidelines)

Yours is all cloudy, for my taste, I would harvest soon…


Ohhh, ok. I thought that milky triches meant peak THC and amber meant more CBD… perhaps I got that wrong then… :woman_shrugging:

I really do want to harvest soon. Ok so I’ve just made up what will likely be my last feed for her.

@Nicky you’ll be pleased to know I’m using my TDS today! (Better late than never, eh? :wink:)
I think these stats are ok given the stage she is at, but would greatly appreciate input, as always…
Ph: 5.95
PPM: 242
I haven’t fed it yet so can make adjustments if needs be…

thank you all so much!


So psyched you are getting this advice. I hope after all this, it’s one hit weed and knocks your little can …ha, ha, ha…you deserve it after this battle!


Sorry I have not been over as much. Your girl looks so much better than a few weeks ago. Kaptain gave you good advice. You got all cloudy trich’s so the thc is at its highest peak. They will eventually turn amber and you will get that narcotic couch lock going. She’s ready to go anytime you are. Just try to make sure that your looking at the trichomes on the buds and not the leaves. I knew you would turn it around. Fantastic!!! Peace…


I did mean photos there. My autos went 10 weeks on 1 and 11 on another but i had one go for 9 weeks also so it varies depending on the strain and conditions its grown in


I would prolly still hold off there is a ton of white hairs on it still. All the hairs will turn amber brown res or anything other than white. There is a bunch of strait out white hairs still meaning its still stacking the buds up. B patient. Maybe its taking a bit longer because of a smaller light source. Id be patient and wait it out still. I think stopping the nutes weeks back slowed down the growth and stacking period now ur feeding it is stacking them up. Like stated above. Take a small chunk off a bottom nug and dry it out for a bit on a computer modem or on a heat pad on a piece of paper bag to absorb moisture. It wont taste real well at that point but the buzz will b there so ull know that part taste improves as it dries and cures

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Hey thanks Patch! So my dilemma is now whether to even give her another feed or not… seems she really enjoyed the last one but at the same time I don’t wanna keep dragging it out by feeding and feeding…

I don’t particularly want the couch lock high so I’m worried if I feed again now I won’t have time to flush her thoroughly, but on the other hand, she still has many white pistils…

Do I need to pay more attention to the triches over the pistils now?

Haha, @Mark0427, thank you. You’ve basically just answered my question to Patchman… sorry I didn’t see your reply before I started typing.

Ok so this is what I’m thinking…

This is the last feed.
From this time next week I will:

  • cut off small bud, quick-dry and sample
  • check triches again
  • possibly start to flush (again)
  • report back :wink:

Thank you all very much :slight_smile:

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Wow! I can’t wait to flip my ladies but I am still working out pH problems.

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Make sure you send us pictures of your pupils so we all can check dialation for effect CJ… :rofl:


@JaneQP pH issues are my Achilles in this process… messes with everything… :expressionless: