What’s happening here? Seedling yellowing from the centre

Thanks, my good man.

So she’s actually 9 weeks old in 2 days, do you think it’s too late to be messing with the light?
I’m just thinking, if I can’t get the climate right quickly enough with the repaired light she’ll go into shock and die on me.
I’ve read that even feminised GG4s can still turn hermie if messed about too much in the flower stage. Although that might be more to do with photos than autos. But still… scary thought!

Good morning y’all!!! Well, just turned afternoon actually…
How are we all on this fine weekend! :grin:

So I took the plunge and changed the light back to my original and DAAAAMN it’s bright! Brighter than I remember it being… prob got used to the other one.

Gonna check back in a few to make sure climate under control.

Decided to switch up my watering technique too, to fight the pH issue I keep having - changing to little and often, whereas until now it’s been more of a case of watering to run off once every week or so.
Anyone have any opinions on that? I’d love to hear them.

CJ :v:

I’d love to use them both @Se7en but don’t think I’ve got the space…

Don’t think I’ve shown you may actual tent, have I? Now don’t laugh, but… :joy:


What size is that in cm? I’m looking to get one to fit two plants but I have no idea what size to get lol

@Se7en It’s 120x40x40 so only teeny tiny! :laughing:
Actually wish I’d gotten a bit bigger so I can get more of a cycle going. I’m restricted to one at a time atm.
Although saying that, now I’ve got a second light maybe I can fashion a veg ‘room’ out of the space left in the wardrobe… :thinking:

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Yeah I get ya I’m in the same boat lol, I have one in the corner of a dark bedroom with a light hanging from the curtain pole and one in a cupboard :sweat_smile: im ordering a tent tonight I think so o can make use of my cupboards again for storage :laughing:

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Good morning chronic cronies! Hope you’re having a good day?

@Se7en @dbrn32 @Deepsix @Spiney_norman @PP3121

So I’m starting to get orangey pistils (?) on my buds…does this mean they are ready soon? They still look a bit airy…ok a lot airy… :disappointed:

I’m just waiting on delivery of my jewellers loupe to see the triches but wondered what you can tell me about where I’m at with her now… she just turned 9 weeks old yesterday so would be expecting to harvest soon (a week or so) but she doesn’t look ready… unless this is the best it’s going to get now?

Thoughts and feedback welcomed, nei, encouraged!

CJ. :pray:


Hey Jane,
You got a long way to go yet. They will fill in and bulk up.
The pistils will naturally darken along the way. Once it starts to get close it will slow down the new growth of flowers and the majority of pistils will start to go brown.
Just have to wait it out…But you are doing great. I see some frost on those buds already.


I went back to the first post…August 27th and counted. Its almost 8 weeks old now. So im guessing 4 more weeks before you get to the beginning of your harvest window. But that is just a guess and it may go longer. Those weeks should give you some dramatic growth. Hope it really bulks up for you.


Hi @Spiney_norman! Thanks for getting back to me!

Thanks for the reassurance! I was thinking I only had a couple of weeks left, at best, and they’re looking a bit on the light side! :sweat_smile:

I think I mis-counted my weeks, day 0 was 16th August so actually just coming into 10 week now. Oops! Would be a good starting point if I could remember how old she even is! :rofl:

I’m hoping she bulks up a bit too! Will keep you posted.

I’m sooo nervous about the harvest!!! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

As always, grateful for your advice.
CJ. x


I agree in that you have a while yet. They will continue to turn for some time.


Hi there @merlin44, glad to have you along! :v:

Thank you @dbrn32, hope you’re doing alright?

@Se7en how’s the tent hunt going?

CJ. x


I’m doing well, thanks! Hopefully same for you

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All good over here thanks @dbrn32!

Hey I found the manual for my temporary light!
And seeing as you’re the lights guru around here… :grin:

Wtf is ‘pink full spectrum’? :sweat_smile: is it more red or more blue? (Assuming more red)

The nm looks like it’s in the right spectrum/wavelength for all stages, but how can I tell how ‘strong’ it is, do you know? I’m aware LEDs are harder to compare than other lights.

Basically thinking about trying to squeeze both lights in there, maybe hanging this one sideways as there’s no room at the top. Thoughts?

CJ. x

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Pink isn’t identified on typical spectral distribution graph, so I’m guessing that manufacturer used thumb eyeball method haha!

There is nothing in information listed that will identify the light intensity either. In a perfect world they would give you “PPF” which would be photosynthetic photon flux. In short, total amount of radiometric energy within the par region. Since they don’t, I would say it’s probably good to veg 2-3 square feet and flower 1-2 square feet.

I would try to get both in if you can.


Thanks mate, yeah I read that and was like, umm…pink? :joy:

I’ve done a bit more research on lights recently and about PAR and PPF, so I have some understanding, but not everyone publishes a PAR figure so hard to compare LED to LED.

Ok cool, i’m going to see if I can hang it down the side or something. Hopefully won’t get too hot in there.

As always, appreciate the advice :facepunch::v:

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Hello skimmed thru the journal and plants looking alot better now than from start. If ur still on a pot search fabric pots are it. They also have pot risers that u can set inside the saucer or drip pan to keep the fab pot off the saucer and out of the water

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Hi there @Mark0427! Thanks so much for spending some time reading through! :facepunch:

Those look like exactly what I’d be looking for - thank you! Just gives me reassurance it’s not sitting in its own juices for too long. Fab, thank you. Do you have any link to suppliers please?

Funny, I never really meant for this to turn into a journal, perhaps I should have! Can’t wait for next grow, I’m looking to get fabric pot for that so will start a proper journal would be great to have you along for this and the next one!

CJ. x

@Se7en @dbrn32 it’s up to 28.2°c! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: been on most of the day, only about another 30 mins to dark time, so hopefully this is the hottest it will get with just that light… now makes me doubt whether to add that other light or not… :see_no_evil:

Amazon has them. Go pro pot elevators. They have plant saucers of all kinds. Go pro fabric pots of all sizes. U r uk so might b different. What kind of light are u planning on getting for the next grow or is that the one in pic for next grow?? If at all u have any budget for a new light check into a good light without so much pink blue purple look. Check on a mars hydro or hlg is preferred but whatever u have will give u something u will be proud of and then ull be like ya know im gonna upgrade that was nice to smoke my own grow lol. I hope you enjoy that smoke when its time. Have u invested in a usb microscope or a jewellers loop. That will be the eye that tell u to pull ur plant at the perfect time. Bout to start me a fresh grow as soon as these seeds pop. Got homes for 5 and will have 3 more soon. 8 total plus whats gotta finish. Here is a cheese plant i have going now she is 95 days old today about 3 and 3/4 feet round. She vegged for just over 11 weeks

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