What’s happening here? Seedling yellowing from the centre

Hi everyone!

I’m a compete newby to this so thought I’d start with something relatively easy, GG4 autoflower.

Basically the seedling (planted 16th Aug) is turning yellow from the centre. Leaves look a bit crispy but they’re actually still quite soft and flexible.

  • GG4 Auto
  • Method: Soil (peat moss composition) + perlite
  • Vessels: Pot
  • PH of Water, Soil PH a little high: 7
  • Indoor
  • 300w LED (currently using veg light)
  • Temps; Day 28 (not sure about at night)
  • Humidity; Day (44 but recently added wet towels now increasing to about 65) I know this is a bit low.
  • Ventilation system; Yes - 4” carbon filter
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier - none
  • Co2; No

I’ve been lightly watering it every few days or so in the first week. Then added seaweed extract w/ water (mix: 15ml extract to 3 litres water) around day 9 (maybe too early for nutes).

As humidity was low I popped a cut off bottle over the top of it. Has this intensified the light and burnt it, maybe?

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks all.

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Can you take a pic in natural light or with a flash. Hard to tell in that light

Hi @Deepsix!

Thanks for getting back to me!
Sorry, I’m so new I don’t even know how to take decent pictures of it! :joy::see_no_evil:

Is this any better? It’s with flash. Don’t wanna take it out the tent (which btw is v. small 40x40x120cm)


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Looks like normal growth. next time try and turnoff your grow light.

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Agree with @Deepsix,
Mine always look like that first thing once lights come on.
Chlorophyll will develop after a few hours of lighting.

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Thank you both, @Deepsix and @Spiney_norman
Sorry if I’m being stoopid here… you say “first thing once lights turn on” but the lights have been on all day…
I have an 18/6 light schedule. It’s due to turn off in about 2 hours (10pm)

Sorry if not understanding correctly.


No you are being stupid better to ask questions before there is a serious problem. What @Spiney_norman is saying when the lights come back on after the dark period.


If its not related to new growth during dark, perhaps it had a drop of water in the center while under the lights. That tends to magnify the light and can cook the tiny seedling.
In soil there is no need to feed for the first few weeks. As long as its growing with no signs of deficiency I would hold off on the nutes.
At least until you get three or four sets of real leaves. The first two round leaves…cotyledons…feed the plant for now.

BTW,…Welcome to the forum. Glad to have you aboard. :grinning:


Sorry for late reply, the site said I had reached maximum replies for my first day!

Good point about the water droplet, it’s possible I suppose.

I’ve taken some better pics now - still think it’s ok? @Deepsix and @Spiney_norman?


Yes. Just keep a eye on her

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Thank you so much :blush:

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Keep us updated on your grow and good luck. Anytime you need help just tag us. “HAPPY GROWING”


Ok guys!

So this is where I’m at now. Seems to be some curling to the leaves. Not sure why they are ‘shiny’ either.
I think my pH is too high and not sure if I am watering enough… had previous overwater fail so likely overcompensating now…
how much/often should I be watering it?

What do you think @Deepsix and @Spiney_norman?

Thank you :pray:

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When I place my seed/seedling in the fabric pot the soil has already had some water added along with some extra perlite. Then its stirred up well to moisten all of the soil. Not soaked, but just enough that it feels damp. So once I get the plant in the pot I can go a week before watering. And then just a few ounces in a ring a few inches away from the main stem. At the very least go several days between watering.
The leaves with damage will not get better. Watch the new growth for any issues.
So far it looks like it will recover just fine.


Thanks @Spiney_norman
So, I started it in its final pot, I’ve read it’s not always good to transplant autos. I know some people still do but I chose not to.
I’ve been watering it every other day or so, like you say, with a small amount around the stem. Maybe still too often then… :thinking:
Any idea what might have caused the damage to those leaves?
Hopefully new growth will be all ok.

Looks unlike anything I have seen.
It looks like something spilled on it very early on.
Odd that it is so pale now compared to the first leaves.
But the new growth looks healthy even tho not as dark as the tips of the first set.
Every grow is unique in some way.


Oh guys, @Spiney_norman @Deepsix help meeeeee…

What is happening now? Underwatered maybe?

It’s only 2 weeks old and already going terribly… :sob::sob::sob:


Looking at your original post the soil says Peat Moss Composition.
Is it just peat moss with perlite? Something else added?

What are you watering with? Tap water? Reverse Osmosis? Distilled?
Are you adding any nutrients? If so what are they and how much?

We are at the point of needing more details.

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Thank you spiney_norman, I’m not sure I meant to write ‘composition’ in my original post, I think I just meant to say ‘compost’.
Anyway it’s a regular store-bought compost made up of about 40% peat. Tried to find one with the fewest nutrients (avoiding things like ‘Miracle-Gro).
I added about 20-25% perlite
I corrected the ph of the soil at the beginning, before planting.
I’m aware that the tap water I’m using is probably making it more alkaline.
I’ve tried leaving the water out for 24hours before using it, and not using the last bit to avoid getting any chalk/chlorine etc in there.
I feel I’m holding back on the watering, maybe?

Have you ever tried lowering the ph with white/distilled vinegar? Maybe that could help until I get my ph up/down?

Appreciate your help, very much.

Oh and the only nutes I added was some seaweed extract w/ water solution, I heard it had high N.
Only used that once as realised it was probably too early for it.