What’s going on with this plant?

I’m honestly not sure, this is someone I knows plant an it just doesn’t look right? It’s like there putting it in veg then flowering or something. An back an forth, Like messing with the light hours? Anyone know?

I agree my first thoughts looks like it’s trying to reveg. Makes you wonder what is the light schedules.


Also agree. Are the lights on a timer or are they just turning them on/off manually when they remember?


Hahaha probably when they feel like it


Definitely went into reveg!

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@Knivie, I would have to agree with all above. If they are just turning the lights on and off when they feel like it, they probably shouldn’t be expecting much more than what they have got at this point. tell them to go get a cheap timer from Wally World. I have several and they do actually work fairly well and I think that I spent under $3 for them. I forget shit constantly, the older I get and anything to help with my forgetfulness, I’m all for, could save a costly mistake.