What’s going on with my leaves ? Please help!

Hello all ,

I have Blue Dream growing outdoors in fabric pots using organic super soil , stump compost tea once a week , top fed once a month and a half ago with coast of Maine organic lobster compost and do lite feedings of roots organic terp tea bloom once every 2 weeks and water with RO water . I’m 4 weeks and 4 days into flower . I’ve noticed in the last 2 weeks my middle leaves started to droop and started fading yellow and seemed to get worse every day . I watered with ro water the next watering and still seems to be progressing and getting worse . The top and bottom leaves of the plants look healthy and buds look great and nice and frosty . I’m worried it’s going to get worse . I went through and removed the yellow and dying leaves and seem to still getting a few more . I never overwatered and didnt think I did this time either but the signs of the yellow droopy leaves makes me think maybe I did ? Does it look like over watering or a nitrogen issue ? Appreciate any input !! Thanks in advance . Sorry for all the pics

Beautiful plant! Looks like she’s just getting rid of the fan leaves that she doesn’t need anymore.

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I agree it’s just putting all it has into the flowers to attract pollen before she drops her seeds, which if you are lucky no one in your neighborhood has a male
Beautiful plant 4sure

Edit = if you changed your water schedule or got alot of rain it could be that as well. Sorry I just looked back at them again. I still thinking it’s a natural defoliation

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Omg I hope so ! I’m freaking out that I stunted them or maybe I overwatered of feed too much terp tea .
Thank you for the quick response , makes me feel a little more at ease !!
Btw… does it look like she’s getting ready to harvest soon ? I just ordered and had my jewelers loupe delivered today but can’t check till I get off work

Thank you ! Makes me feel a lot better to hear , this is my first grow and panicking I did something wrong in the final stretch to harvest . I pull them inside the garage at night and they’re never left out in the rain . The temps went from mid 80’s everyday to low to mid 60’s during the day here in Michigan and low 40’s at night . I was second guessing myself that maybe I did over water because the temps are a lot cooler and I’m use to them needing more water .
Thank you for the response , everyone here is so awesome and couldn’t do it without you all !
If you have any recommendations for the up coming weeks of final flower would love any tips !

By the looks of her she’s pretty close. The trichs will be the final indicator. She doesn’t look overwatered. Looks like she could use some water. Usually when they’re overwatered, the leaves will drop but the stems connected to the leaves won’t. When they want water the leaves and the stems that hold them will droop and that’s what I’m seeing on your plant.


I’m in central Michigan and my outdoor plants are really close to finishing, in fact, the one that started flowering a week earlier then the rest is getting cut down this weekend.

This next week is suppose to be wet and cold in Michigan. Hopefully you are close as well because we have to worry about bud rot, mildew and frost these next couple weeks.

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Hey neighbor! Metro Detroit here . Yeah I saw cold weather next week . How long into flower are yours ? Would love to see some pics!
I bring all my plants into the garage every night so not too worried about the frost . I was told Blue Dream is usually 9 weeks for flower but I’m 4 weeks and 4 days in . I was hoping I had a few more weeks time to fatten and swell up the budz but the pistols are mostly amber . Just had my loupe delivered today so going to check the trichs when I get home

I one on the right is a cherry pie that started flowering the first week of August and is the one getting cut down. The one on the left is a Girl Scout cookie extreme. The fence is a 6 foot fence. I started them outside in May.

There are three plants here, crappy picture though. A Cherry Pie in foreground, another GSCX, and in the background, an 8 foot tall Goldleaf. The cherry pie and Girl Scout cookie extreme in this photo are clones of the other two and not quit as big because they were a couple months behind.

The other four started flowering the second week of August.


There is another Michigan grower that has an extremely impressive grow going. I think he lives in SE Michigan. Looks like his entire yard is a 7 foot tall hedge. @garent is his name, you should ask him for a current photo

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Man those look awesome , some monster plants you have there ! Do you top feed or amend the soil? Make sure you post some pics harvest day , looking forward to see them