What’s going on with my auto?


Ok guys and girls, I’ve been growing autos for a little over a year now and I’ve never seen one look like this one does. Can anyone tell me what’s going on with it? @Hogmaster @AnneBonny @latewood @Nug-bug @Countryboyjvd1971 @


Uploading… Uploading… Uploading…


Chop it it’s a male


I didn’t know you could get male autos.


Just depends on the genetics my friend anything can happen with any of them


Sorry buddy but that’s all seed pods I would Get it out of there away from the rest of them you can always put it out Of its misery


Ok, thanks for the info. I know it looked totally different than I have seen before. This is the first time I have ancountered this problem.


Yeah it can pollinate your other plants


Definitely don’t want that.!!!


That is correct keep me up-to-date buddy


Will do. Thanks for the help.


Sorry for your loss


@Hogmaster, I have some bag seeds growing in a separate tent that look like they are just starting to flower. Is this one a male too?


I hope ya didn’t name him


That’s another male, sorry. Go burn him good!


Yep unfortunately it is a male


That sux @Sharkslayer. On the plus, you could save some pollen if you ever plan to breed your own strains.


Oh man! @Sharkslayer that’s too bad about those two plants. Sorry for your losses.


Lol, nope. But he was looking to be a strong grower too… oh well. Story of my life.


Be kind to your fellow pot growers in the local area and bag and dispose of your males asap. Please dont put it outside unless you have a sure way of containing all the pollen, it travels for miles in all directions.