What’s everyone think about flipping these girls?

Hello everyone, hope everyone is enjoying the holiday week so far. I have 7 girls in my 5x5 in 3 gallon coco/ perlite 70/30 mix. 3 Tropicana cookies by ilgm, 1 gold leaf by ilgm and, 3 end game by ethos. I think I’m gonna put the gold leaf and one more of them in a 5 gallon pots. I transplanted these girls from their humidity dome 8 weeks ago so we’re looking at about a 7-8 week veg time right now . What’s everyone think about flipping now? Or should I give it another week or so ? Thanks everyone ! I am feeding them jacks once a day and am setting up and automatic irrigation system tomorow so I can water 2 times a day.


I would probably flip them asap. because they look pretty big right now. And from what little experience I do have. All my plants have doubled or almost tripled in size when they went into flowering. Probably gonna be full house! :person_shrugging:t5:


7 in a 5x5’ is tight.
The lighting makes it tough, but looks like you need magnesium, maybe calcium. Maybe a touch more nitrogen before the flip.

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I think you should! It’s already gonna be a jungle in there. If you wait, it’d be super tight.


Id say take some clones and flip. You are going to have a jungle to be envious of


All those things are in the nutrients I give them, what makes you say that?

Ofcourse I wait to thanksgiving to flip and I don’t have any rooting gel to take clones todya.

If it was me, i would do a heavy defoliation, and flip.
Tent is stuffed and looks good and they very well could double in size height wise. But I think theres plenty of room once all the fans are gone.

If you was in soil I’d say go for the transplant to give them fresh nutrient rich soil… but seeing as its coco/perlite, I’d just stick to the 3 gal pots they are in myself…

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Very nice , personally I would flip you have A tent full. Good luck :v::+1:

Better start eating your Wheaties your gonna have your Hands and tent full real soon!