What’s causing this froth?

That’s a new one to me. I wish @Niala was still around. He would know I’m sure.

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Those little bastards were all over a flower I have in the front yard and was eating the shit out of it. Would clap my hands onto them plant and all and crush them. Their population has been reduced.

Yea that bubbling can be from bugs setting up nursery…don’t think the first bug does that set up so may be these…


These are from a big called a spittle bug. And there is a larva in the foam. Maybe washing them off will work.


I have seen it also on other plants,only knew it was bug related.

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Yes, that’s egg casing. I used to see them but realized they chewed the leaves even though it was minor damage but I didn’t want them.

This juice will keep them away and mamas won’t come back to lay her eggs on your plants

Not treated at all. I’m wondering what I can do? Not sure if it’s the bug in the pic:, that’s causing this.i It is making tiny holes on the leafs.

Send me your address & I’ll gladly send you a sample.

I found from this https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ag242

It’s the nymphs that hatched out and produced the froth. So they already started feasting on your plants. Kill them!!! Spray all the leaves even though you don’t see them.

If your willing to send a simple, if that Offer was directed towards me I would gladly give it a try but if I’m hoping in on a different conversation I do apologize figured I would ask though. Cuz it’s the last thing I need right now is to lose my crop I got 3 plants growing and doing pretty well besides one I got one from a friend who thought it was no good but I got it back to life and looking healthy but it’s not growing very quickly at all but my other two are doing fantastic oh yeah a sample sweet just message me and let me know if you weren’t offering that to me than I apologize for jumping on the conversation

I sure did this evening. I only used Dawn dish soap & Kelp me kelp you. Might try peroxide diluted tomorrow because the others have quite a few new bullet holes in em.