What’s best for algae control?

Hello all. Another question on my first grow. I am seeing a lot of algae develop. Last week I drained all the water and scrubbed the toat with bleach as well as the pump and hoses. It’s back, and I am hoping this is not something I will need to do weekly. I am doing DWC but I put a water pump and pvc circulation system in hopes to make sure the water never gets stagnation. I have 2 air pumps and 2 air stones as well. Which reminds me I also see a lot of mineral build up on the walls of the toat from the air stones I believe.

If anyone has any easy algae control methods please let me know and what should I do with the mineral build up?

Pic of your system?
Algae normally forms from light entering your bin. Check for anywhere light can get in, including the lid. May need to cover or paint the lid.


Mineral build up, what nutrients are you using?


Also , what are your water temps…?
Could also be part of the issue…


Algae can’t grow without light. Rez temps should be 70 F or lower and you risk root rot if water is too warm.

Pictures or it didn’t happen haha.


I can get a pic it’s just a large toat. What I did though is I created a flow system with pvc and a water pump. I drilled small holes about every 4 inches. It’s a rectangle with 2 middle lines. I did this so I would not have stagnate water. It’s on a timer and runes every few hours.

I also have 2 air pumps with 2 air stones. One on each side. I’m thinking you are probably right about the light. I do have a couple of holes for pots and they are not covered and nothings in them.

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I am using the sensi perfect ph grow parts a and b

Total darkness is the best algae control. Have zero light leaks.

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I saved the plastic I cut from the lid and put it on top of the unused hole. I also cut a piece of panda film to put on top to keep that light out too.

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pics or it didnt happen lol like @Myfriendis410 said !