What’s a good ppm for seedlings

What’s a good or safe ppm for seedlings and do need to u or how do u compensate for ppm already in soil??

We don’t need to consider ppm when growing in soil, at least not in the way I think you’re talking about it.

Are you asking about what to start seeds in, or what kind of mix to put them into after the germination tray?

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  • Early Growth : 400 to 500 PPM — You won’t see too many particles aside from what’s in your grow medium.
  • Seedling : 500 to 600 PPM — The information above applies here, though any starter nutrients will affect the readings.
  • Early Vegging : 800 to 850 PPM — This is when you typically transplant. At this stage, not a lot of particles are needed.
  • Mid-Stage Vegging : 850 to 900 PPM — You’ll start giving your plants more nutrients at this point.
  • Late-Stage Vegging : 900 to 950 PPM — Nutrient intake increases as your plants prepare to flower.
  • Early Flowering : 950 to 1000 PPM — As your plants grow, they need to eat more. PPM readings will reflect the particles in the increased nutrients.
  • Mid-Stage Flowering : 1000 to 1100 PPM — Your plants’ nutrient intake continues to increase at this stage.
  • Late-Stage Flowering : 1100 to 1150 PPM — This is when your plants are eating the most, especially if you provide [additives]
  • End of Flowering/Flushing : 0 to 400 PPM — At this stage, you’ll be flushing your plants. Ideally, you don’t want too many leftover particles at the end of flowering.

I have then planted. But what’s the pppm of fertilizer I give them after first set of leaves. I don’t want to give them too strong of fertilizer

Again, if you’re in soil, you don’t give them anything except water.

Minimal… strait water in soil till you hit first true leaves
Then you want 300 to 400 after first leaves come in

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