What remedy should I use? Homema, organic?

Hey there, so I’ve been struggling with some holes in one of my plant. Some folks told me it’s mites due to slight web or silk around new tops. I’ve isolated the plant and have been doing water wash with spray at evening, yesterday tried tobacco water. El today I was checking the plant and found the bastard right hiding in new growing leaves.
It was fast as hell and after poking it was hanging and climbing up on some kind of silk.

I’m located at Gibraltar, growing in soil light mix, 3 weeks of veg. So maybe someone know of some homemade specialised remedy for this specie?

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Mix any 3% hydrogen peroxide into some water (30/70) adding a drop of soap for wetting purposes. Mist tops and bottoms of leaves generously to remove them. I usually dust them with DE (diatomaceous earth, food grade) and do the top of the pot. You will need to repeat every 3 days until they are gone. 3 days is the time it takes for eggs to hatch. Inspect bottom side of leaves, that’s where they hide. Good luck and happy growing.

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You can get pretty aggressive by using a 50/50 solution of Isopropyl alcohol and water sprayed on the plant. It sounds like a caterpillar and those bastards will chew through a plant in no time. They LOVE to burrow into a nice big flowering cola and eat it from the inside out. Not fun.

Nuke the bastard.

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I had some aphids or thripes awhile back and used some safersoap. Worked great, non toxic. Just a mix of soaps to kill bugs.


Thanks a lot to everyone. I’ve been a little bit frightened and as have been sad i was poking my plantvin colas and they ve beeb coming out as crazy. So I went to growshop ASAP and ask about this spiece. It’s being in this period for next 15 days flying around. I asked for something organic. So he gave me a bottle of 30ml and told me to apply for next 15 days. You think it’s necessary?

I know that’ll work great for fungus gnats and mosquitos, but not sure on the mites.

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Well, why would I use other when need against caterpillars? Or you think balcony prevention forfuture? Spinosad producta were not available, only organic option was this. Spinosad is not effective against caterpillar that much. From this those bastards die straight away after chewing the leaf. Question was rather, if you think it’s needed to apply for 15 days as man from growshop said. It’s not raining here at all.

From reactions here I assume you rather use one for all treatment than specialised? Should I change my approach to prevention? And put all wide-spread treatment rather specialised for the problem?

After checking the plants. I’ve realised few of the tops of leaves are curled up? Is it the treatment or the sun is too strong.

I’ve never used Btk for catapillars. So, use it as the man in the shop recommended.

Actually when I’ve put this in Google " bacillus thuringiensis var. Kurstaki. It’s being said it’s practically good for caterpillars only xD
It’s got some poisoinic crystal which is not harmful if not eaten and decomposed. That’s why it’s organic and friendly to pets etd.

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